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- The members of two metal bands soon on tour, Dark from Morigan and Hendric from Aldevia will explain in the interview, how were their groups and the “Rebellion from the South Tour” born.

- Introduce your band. When and where was it found, how do you define your style, what is particularly interesting to your band?

Dark: Originally founded by schoolboys and as a black-metal group, Morigan has existed already for six years. The only founding member still active in the band is Jihad. Such destiny – band mates moving away because of studies, or simply losing interest in creating such music – is quite familiar for many groups. And exactly that happened to Morigan in 2001.

It was the fall of 2003 when Jihad and I felt new power growing inside us that demanded to get out. That entailed new members and also a new style – thrash metal. On that moment the trends of the metal scene were verging towards old-school thrash. Bull's eye!

Undoubtedly, one of our special traits is the long-awaited female vocalist. Well, eventually she found us for she was the one who made the offer. ;) Around the world there are a lot of ladies occupying draconian vocals, but in Estonia there are only a handful. HRC's columnist Dark Patrick has compared us to good old Holy Moses!

Morigan comprises of Dark – guitars, Jihad – guitars, Mari-Liis – vocals, Thonolan – drums and Reaper – bass.

Hendric: The idea to form Aldevia was born on 30. of April, 2003, the Walpurga night. Back then we called the band NeverRise – until the end of 2004. By then, we had acquired a visage fair enough to present on a tour. The newer oeuvre of the band is melodic metal with large doom influences. During a short span of time we have undergone major volatility of personnel. And that has given us a chance to sort out the best comrades seriously willing to work and with whom it is simply a pleasure to cooperate. Now we have accomplished it.

Aldevia consists of Triinu – vocals, MetsaAnts – vocals&guitars, Shanadelator – guitars, Hendric – bass, Sarvik – keyboards, MordylouS – drums.

- How was the idea to organize a tour for Southern-Estonian bands conceived? And how, precisely, did Morigan and Aldevia meet?

Dark: The decision was swift and spontaneous. The main credit points should be given to me and Hendric for it was us chatting on a morning, two days after Werro Rock 2005. There are all the possibilities: the clubs, the gear, the transportation, the crew and the supporters. All you had to do was to bring the dates and the aforementioned into accordance.

Morigan and Aldevia have followed rather different paths on the metal scene. I hope collaboration will bring its benefits to both of them.

Hendric: Dark has technically said it all. And that's for sure that both bands will gain from the tour.

- Why the specific towns chosen? Tallinn and Tartu are comprehensible, but Valga? Why didn't you choose Viljandi or P�rnu instead?

Dark: As you mentioned, Tartu and Tallinn as concert sites are not surprising at all. Valga, on the contrary, is definitely underestimated by the publicity. The list of bands which have performed there, is rather impressive – Waterdog (SWE), Recycle Bin, Necro Strike, J.M.K.E., Bullfrog Brown & Electric Toad, Leech, Slide Fifty... The club caught the eye thanks to my job, through which the acquaintanceship evolved.

Hendric: Until now, Aldevia has performed only in Tartu and in Hiiumaa. We definitely needed to be introduced to the scene closer to the border and there was no reason, why the conquest of the capital should be postponed. :)

- „Rebellion from South Tour“ - how and what are you revolting against? Where did the name of the tour come from?

Dark: Our drummer Thonolan suggested the name „M�rgel (racket) from South of Hell Tour“. Pretty witty and funny to use.

The dictionary proposes: „rebellion: uprising, scrutiny, revolt“. The idea of the tour is to find new protagonists and supporters, by whose help we could verify our skillfulness and sustainability in developing the Estonian metal scene. The emphasis lies on the factor of upgrading rather than uprising.

- How did you find the supporting bands and on what basis did you make the choice?

Dark: We planned one or two side-bands for every town, mainly through acquaintances. The supporters in Valga and Tartu may be considered as rather young bands. Silent Grove, for example, will be participating in the Hard Rock Club's Young Bands' Festival. Analysis and Nightmare have also proven to be worthy of their names. But Tallinn's line-up had to be compiled to be a bit more dashing since the spectators are even more demanding. Monstera, who recently released an LP, and Devotus Regnum are no inconnues.

- How are the preparations for the tour coming – is this a complicated undertake on a rather plain one?

Dark: Actually, fixing up a tour is quite simple. As mentioned before, there are the clubs, in the clubs, you can find the equipment, the stage lighting and the audience, and finally, there is a lot of support coming from the club managers. Morigan and Aldevia found suitable dates. The representatives of both bands contacted the club managers. In the case of a positive answer, it was considered done. Though there is someone to take the overall responsibility.

Hendric: I concur with Dark, all the clubs have expressed really affirmative attitudes and made our lives a lot more easier. Therefore, there’s nothing more to it than just being eager and venturous.

- Is the tour also brought to life to promote some album released in the near future?

Dark: For Morigan, this is not an initiation of a studio session for the debut album. We are rather planning further gigs for the summer. But as you know, any publicity is good publicity. Aldevia, on the contrary, is making plans...

Hendric: Yes, Aldevia is still a band without any demo recordings. It is a while ago since the first time we announced that we have begun recording a three-track demo. But everything has not gone exactly as we imagined in our sweetest dreams, so... The material was technically ready by the end of 2004, but we decided to give it a brushoff and commenced the sessions all over. The whole process has taken so long that the face of the band has changed! We yearn to finish it by the beginning of the tour, but unfortunately, it seems to be utopic. Anyway, this spring is the final deadline, where from everyone who feels an appetite for more Aldevia arising during the tour, can stay their stomach at home.

- Morigan is quite well-known and serves a good reputation, but still, it’s not a star like certain national-romantic and folk metal bands... Aldevia is comparatively unknown hinder the borders of Tartu. Do you think there will be enough crowd on the concerts?

Dark: Supposedly the number of people present will be continually on the rise while moving northward. Every visitor, who comes by is important. You’ll never know, what is passing through that lad’s mind during the concert. Maybe one discovers something new, finds new friends, receives positive emotions... The Valga live is on Thursday, what is exclusive per see. If we had written on our posters that Smilers and Nexus were performing on 21st of April, the whole town would have flocked, they say. We’ll see, what they’ll think about metal. :)

Hendric: That is exactly, what we are going to fix with Aldevia! To acquire wider publicity outside Tartu. We hope that people will show up at least because of curiosity.

- A provocative question. :) Don’t you think the gigs will turn out rather mawkish with a female vocalist in both headliners?

Dark: But then, what kind of women! I believe that Aldevia’s members are as proud of their Triinu as we are of Mari-Liis.

Hendric: Dark’s right. Anyway, Morigan’s Mari-Liis is not the most typical female vocalist. And Triinu’s pretty voice is also spiced up by MetsaAnts.

- What should be the expectations and what has to be considered by the people attending one of the concerts of the “Rebellion from the South Tour”?

Dark: Morigan will guarantee you all an experience of speed and power inherent to thrash-metal. Everyone coming to support the tour and the bands can be proud, because this is an undertake first of its kind – to visit Estonian metal clubs for three days long. We would be delighted to see people junketing with us throughout the tour. The first have already subscribed. As much as possible shall be recorded on video, which will be pressed into a presumptive DVD.

Hendric: Aldevia promises beautiful melodies and powerful riffs accentuated with clean vocals. Our tunes will haunt you! I hope that the audience will be as giving as Morigan and Aldevia.

Interviewed by Sadness.
Translated by Mari-Liis.

Author: Sadness

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