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Interview by Metalworks

1. Your second full-length album, ‘Vere Kutse Kohustab’, has been out for some months now, and sees you continue the cooperation with Lithuania’s Ledo Takas Records, which began with last year’s ‘Legion Estland’ 7”. The album has been named as the bestselling album in Ledo Takas’s history; how pleased are you with the work Ledo Takas has done for Loits? What convinced you in the first place that Ledo Takas was the ideal label for the band?

There are two main reasons why cooperation between Loits and Ledo Takas has endured and is bearing fruit: firstly – our relations are based on trust, and secondly – under Ledo Takas we have complete artistic freedom. I especially like the fact that Tadas is always open to anything new and always complies with our wishes, if possible.

We're not really surprised that VKK has become the best selling album for Ledo Takas, and I'm reasonably sure this is just the beginning. If we could promote Loits some more together with Tadas, I'm sure the resulkts would be even better.

2. The physical presentation of ‘Vere Kutse Kohustab’ is unusually elegant for an underground band on an underground label. The whole thing adds tremendously to the aura surrounding Loits, giving the impression that the album is more than just another music-release, with other elements equally as important to the band as the music is. What do you feel you’ve achieved by going for this special presentation?

Loits always plans for more than just a glittering disc with music. As I've already told in several interviews, the idea of Loits is to keep the music, the message and the visual side of the band together as an harmonious whole. More to the point, we don't make a special effort to maintain such equilibrium; it all just happens by itself. Loits is sincere in all its works and doings, and thus it is easy for us to create a functioning gestalt. I'm positive that with all of this we've won a place in the hearts of the people who're breathing in the same rhythm with us, and the respect of those who can appreciate our work. That's quite enough for us.

3. Do you see Loits as merely another band, or is there more to it than that? From the notes in the inlay of ‘Vere Kutse Kohustab’, along with the lyrics and the entire layout, it seems to me that Loits is a means for you to express something that has a special place in your heart… right? Why do you feel this needs to be expressed?

Let's just say that Loits does not exist in order to create art for art's sake, but in order to express through art our opinions and ideology. We're talking about things that are important to us, that are close tour hearts, trying to express ourselves as clearly and understandably as possible

We're not asking ourselves why we do this. If such a question should pop up, something must be wrong.

4. Your lyrics (and the general theme behind the band) deal with Estonian national pride and, in particular, the era of WWII. The attention to this era has led to many comments being made about the political leaning of the band. Even though you make your opinions pretty clear in the booklet of ‘Vere Kutse Kohustab’, many people use this as a guide for whether or not they should support your band. Please clarify now the views you expressed in the notes in the booklet.

Everyone can read these lines from the record's sleeve, but in short Loits bows before these Estonian men and women for whom no sacrifice was too great when fighting for the freedom of their home country. That's how simple it actually is. Estonian Legionnaires and all other Estonians who fought in the German army, the Forest Brethren and the Finnboys – we haven't forgotten any of them.

Most of the misunderstanding has stemmed from the theme of paying homage to the men who fought in the German army in WWII. In order to understand the motivation of these heroes, one must know closely the history of our country and people.

Estonia fought herself free for the first time in 1920, by kicking out both the Red Army as well as the Germans. In the hectic days before WWII, using lowly tricks, the Soviet Union occupied Estonia again. A large-scale genocide began. When the German forces finally reached Estonia, a lot of Estonian volunteers joined them in order to revenge their ancient enemy. It was a question of choosing the lesser of two evils. When in 1944, towards the end of the war, the front line reached the soil of our homeland once more, a huge lot of Estonian men joined the German forces again, this time already with a clearly expressed wish to keep the murderous criminal out of their country and to reinstate Estonia's independence. Taking into account these facts, these brave men were not condemned as criminals even at the Nuremberg trials.

5. Loits has faced accusation from many sources as being a so-called ‘Nazi band’. This, to me, is a lazy man’s analysis, which demonstrates a lack of research from the accuser, as well as a biased opinion on political matters, influenced by today’s politically correct society. What do you say to those who label you as such, without making the effort to research what they claim?

Leave to people their lowly kicks. Who doesn't want to understand, never will. It would be stupid to hope that we could reach everyone with our words of explanation. It's good enough if we can enthral even a few people with these themes, to make them see clearly the issues that 60 years of brainwashing have clouded somewhat. It would be absurd to hope that the whole simply existing biological mass would ever start to think with their own heads, and that's water to the mills of those who would manipulate them.

6. There’s widespread belief in the Metal scene worldwide that Metal and politics should never be mixed. How do you feel about this?

Rock music has carried a massage since its birth, and the borders of politics are foggy indeed. Using metal music for direct political gains and political propaganda is, of course, pornographic, but expressing one's beliefs through metal is more than natural.

The people who use the quoted slogan the most are usually hypocritical to the extreme. Most often such attitudes emerge when a certain political message does not coincide with their own ideological preferences, when at the same time their own favourite performers are making political propaganda that's as flagrant as the next one.

7. Do you consider Loits to be a politically motivated or a culturally motivated band?

A flyer for "Legion Estland" says: "Loits is forced by historical hatred", and that's exactly true.

Culture and politics are very closely intertwined. Anyone claiming they are standing for the culture and traditions of their people and are interested in its history can not remain entirely apolitical.

8. Within the last year, Loits has issued two 7”s, which will eventually be joined by a third as part of a trilogy. Once again, the imagery and layout on these is very special. How important is vinyl to you, and when can we expect to see the third part of the series?

We've had serious problems with releasing the third vinyl in the series (although we've had several "suitors" in this matter), but now finally a solution seems to have been found. We're presently discussing the release of the "Raiugem Ruunideks" 7" EP as well as the "Ei Kahetse Midagi" LP with a record company called Eisenwald Tonschmiede... so you can deduce that vinyl releases really are important to us.

Nowadays, when practically anyone can release their record as a CD, vinyl releases have another dimension: it somehow seems that a record hasn't been released 100% officially when there's no vinyl format involved. I will not even go into the exclusivity and the more lifelike sound of vinyl records.

9. There is a ‘hidden’ track at the end of ‘Vere Kutse Kohustab’. Is this a traditional Estonian song, or a piece written by the band? What relevance does it have, in relation to the rest of the album?

It's a traditional Estonian partisan (Forest Brethren) song, obviously strictly forbidden during the Soviet occupation, but sung in secrecy throughout the country. Most of older Estonians know the words to it by heart.

10. Your debut album, "Ei Kahetse Midagi", is due to be re-released. Can we expect anything extra from the album that wasn’t present first time round?

Your intelligence data is correct. "Ei Kahetse Midagi" will be released even during the current year in the form of MC, jewel case CD, digipack CD and vinyl, and all versions have some added bonuses. Also, the entire material is remastered. More exact information can be found at our homepage

11. What’s the next step for Loits? Have you written any new material to feature on the next album? When can we hope to hear a new Loits album?

New album will take some time. It is not our aim to be the most productive metal band in the scene. We already have some new material and are working on it quietly, but haven't made any more precise plans yet. I won't fly any kites right now. Let things evolve naturally.

Author: Mairtin MacCormaic
Zine: Metalworks Magazine

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