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Patriotic Estonians prove appearances can be deceiving

Without hyperbole, there`s not one metal band that`s quite like Estonian`s Loits. Their second album, `Vere Kutse Kohustab`, fully plays out this assertion: a mix of ass-kicking BM à la Carpathian Forest with a genuinely heathen bent, without resorting to hey-nonny-nonny campfire mawkishness or meandering sub-`Hammerheart` drift. But this nuanced physicality has a very deep idelogical root; not only the heady topics tackled in their lyrics, but the patriotic imagery they employ in the artwork and photos accompanying their prolific canon.
"None of the three components must be outshined by any other or be of lower quality", confirms vocalist/guitarist Lembetu about his band`s obvious visual flair playng perfect complement to the music, "but this doesn`t mean our listeners shouldn`t enjoy just one or two of the three ingredients. If our message doesn`t appeal to you, you may still find a lot of fascination and refreshment in our music. It`s not important that the listener share our philosofical conception of the world, but one can get some interesting and maybe not so readily available information about recent historical through us, and this may make people think. Not everything was as black and white during WWII as it`s generally depicted."
And about that. Erroneously, Loits have often been branded an NSBM band, mostly due to their promotional pictures, which find the band donning subtle uniform accoutrements of the Third Reich. But there`s just cause for this: In 1939, the then-Soviet Union occupied Estonian through deception and violence, and soon began a veritable genocide of the nation. Thus, many Estonians fought alongside Germany simply to free their nation, and following the war Baltic legions were excused from culpability and not declared criminal.
"The uniforms are exact copies of the Estonian Legionnaires, equipped with the according insignia," Lembetu clarifies about said promo pictures. "On the collar patches you`ll find the letter E and a hand holding a sword, and on the left sleeve a coat of arms in Estonian national colours.
"In order not to leave you with the wrong impression that Estonians fought against the Soviets only in German uniform," the man concludes solemnly, "a lot of Estonian men deemed it unsuitable to wear even German uniform. They decided to fight the enemy among the Finnish armed forces; our new album begins with a song dedicated to those men [`The Finnnboys`]. Also, there were a lot of Estonians in the Red Army. You can read about these matters more thoroughly at the address".

Author: Nathan T Brik
Zine: Terrorizer

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