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Celestial Crown
Celestial Crown & MetalBrain Zine

1. Celestial Crown has been around since 1999 and have so far released 3 great albums. How do you feel the response to Celestial Crown has been?

Denis - Thanks a lot for your kind words about our albums but let me correct you :)
We have 2 albums released. "Invasion" just will be released
as Split CD with GrundChild(Mexico) by Divenia Music in this year for worldwide + bonus track.
When "Invasion" was ready we released it ourselves for Estonia only. Now with help of Divenia
it will be worldwide release! It's great!
About response – hm, different people different words J but actually the most metal heads like our albums.
I would say a such thing - every critic if he already writes about a band - it already means that band is worth to be written. :)
whatever words he or she uses. We have a lot of positive reviews and several with negative critics.
And my favorite words for critics - You know who the critics are? The men who have failed in music and art. Dont give a big mention to it J We are all human beings. :)

Shel - The response is better than I expected considering that we still have inclomplete line-up. And criticism is very useful. Even most the perfect thing can always be more perfected. But very often criticism we got was inane. I’d like to hear some advices about lack of content, but not only impressions about quality of compositions.

Sergei - Even my mother has positive opinion about our music :)

2. I can hear some great influences from early My Dying Bride and other great doom bands, what other bands have influenced Celestial Crown?

Denis - hm - let see what composer says :) but I can say honestly that more influence come from
movies and book stories and life's moments

Shel - I’ll lie if I say, that we have no influences. And the others too. Every man always learns from the others. Each of us has many different influences. We just came to compromise decision (that you can hear in our works). Things that impressed me: psychological contrasts of Nirvana, non-standard schemes of Anathema, lead guitar sound of My Dying Bride and Cradle Of Filth, polyphony of Bach and simplicity of Bethoveen, etc. The list is long. We even use elements of Death, Black and Heavy Metal... But, you know, all depends on the arrangement. If we change instruments, it will be the other style of music. But we are still looking for our own sounding.

Sergei - there are really a lot of things that have influence on us. Even problems of modern physics and astronomy.

3. I love to read about horror stories on the road or in the studio can you tell me about the difficulties the band faced in the home based studio?

Denis - We face it quite ok. You know every band dreams about their own studio where they can create whatever they want. And everything is growing with time - There is a lot of mobile home studio and computer programs, which work the same way like in a big studio - You know this computer mania - to make all things smaller in its size and they work the same as previous big models.
So I think with time every musician will have his own studio with every kind of professional studio racks inside his PC! :)
Sergei - ...and on Hard Disk in PC

Denis - The only way what I recommend - to record instruments in professional studio - for more clearance. I would like to thank Asko-Rome Altsoo for helping us with our records. He is a great man.
He helps us with any problems we have during our records. Wish him all the best!
So - I dont have any difficulties with home based studio at all - I can drink tea and watch some TV :)
And do not think about time :)

Shel - The main difficulty of the home-based studio is the restriction of possibilities. You must do that you can do, but not all that you want to do. And you must do it yourself. About big and small models: small models very often have no full functionality of big models. And multifunctional devices like PC require more time to process than specific devices.

Sergei- for several years I cannot find appropriate adapter for my ZOOM processor: little country - few productions for musicians. Other problem - in our own studio we always have possibility to make some changes, so we have some kind of disease to change EQ and sound of guitars. Now I hope we have final version of our new album.

4. "Suicidal Angels" is such a great work of sorrowful doom and despair, it would appear that you would have no problem finding a label to support it. Do you think the market for this style of music has passed which is making it hard for you to secure a label?

Denis – Thanks a lot! When we have started we didnt think about release of Invasion through Label - we thought that after release of Invasion we will be signed for another album which already was in our heads :)
I think that every music style is good for market - just one you sell more another less, but its already commerce
We are not much in commerce. We just want to find a good label, which just has an interest in our music - that's all. So If Any Label has an interest with our music – Please contact us! All conditions are accepted, just let’s do it right way, not like rip-offers do!
We dont think about profit, we just want that our great work will be heard by people and
be appreciated at its true value.

Shel - I can tell nothing about it. All I’ve seen on my TV is that this kind of music is not the main stream. But you never know...

Sergei - after several days from the "Embraced" release date, whole album became available in the internet. That makes the selling process much harder.

5. Has Celestial Crown paid for the recording of each record since the beginning?

Denis - No, we just got some copies of "The Embraced" and that's it. All studio cost I paid myself. It’s hard when no label, even if there is a label first steps are always hard, so we are satisfied if label gives us some quantity of CDs and that’s it. :)

6. What does each band member do outside of the band for work?

Denis - I work on a factory, which produces cables for Volvo - Wiking Company.:) - I like that job. Also I learn the mixing and mastering job. It's very interesting.

Shel - I’m studying physics in local university. And also working as a programmer.

Sergei - I'm studying in local university (physics and chemistry), work in Institute Of Physics and on several other works (even as a builder).

7. Do you wish to conquer the world with your music or is it more of a hobby?

Denis - I would like that our music would be appreciated with its true value by people
To conquer? hm - no - for me its more like a hobby but more than a hobby :)
Its enough with just simple respect. :) and support by fans and reviewers and zines :)
But if we have a good label why can’t we say to world – “Hey People – Estonia is not a small part of the world! There is enough talents who are waiting for a revelation! “
And I think that when musicians and label work together without a purpose of profit, then all music and job comes straight from a heart and you can see really amazing pearls from them which not smell with new elements of commerce. It’s very important to get respect from people, doing great music, not selling a big quantity of cds when music actually made for profit. You know what I mean.

Shel - A hobby to... It’s just for pleasure. An attempt to understand ourselves and the others. It’s inner dialogue and a little bit philosophy.

Sergei - I don't want music to be my only and general job, but I want it always to be with me - For The End Of The Days.

8. Do you have a realistic view of making it in the music business with this style of music or do you want to go as far as you can?

Denis - I would try to go as far as I can because it is all inside of me - it leads me and I just follow. :) I am just a humble servant of my creation. :)
All music market - I think that label should answer for it - we are the creators, they are the promoters.
We are in music creation, they are in music market. :) Everyone should do his own job.

Shel - Conquering the world is the fate of gigantic egoists. We are just dilettantes.:)

Sergei - music will say us what we shall do. So we'll just submit to.

9. Thank you for your time and I cannot wait till the release of Suicidal Angels and do you have any last words that you want to say for future fans of Celestial Crown?

Celestial Crown - Thanks a lot Lynda for interview! It was nice to talk to you.
We also wait till the release of Suicidal Angels :)
Last words - We have finished new album!
New masterpiece is waiting for the world to be heard!
For now - please download our Promo 2004 and we expect some reviews on it soon.
Stay Metal! Stay with us! Be Prepare for Another Potion from Us.
It will be out this summer!!! But we tell you about it next time! :)
Advice, how to get better impression from listening to our music: one song per day.

Author: Lynda
Zine: MetalBrain Zine

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