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Mortified interview '93!

About MORTIFIED I can say that they have been together less than one year and in that short time they have played live many times and recorded many tracks. They have a debut demo “Introitus Mortifer" out. It includes 3 tracks for only 3 $. Interview answered by singer Mart.

Hi, how is it?

Dead well, thanks for asking.

Tell a little about the history of your band.

In the early autumn on 1992 our drummer Henry (better known to the public as Suslik) met the guitarist Rene (better known as Till). Few weeks before that Henry had been kicked out from the band called OBSCURED for his drum-playing abilities, but he had no thought in his mind about throwing the sticks into the corner. They decided to form a death metal band. Two days later I went to see Henry to ask back my cassette that he had lost (this one is still missing). To talk about some more comfortable matter he asked me if I knew anybody who could roar out loud with a good DM voice and in good English. I couldn't think of anyone (besides of course David Vincent, Glen Benton, Mark Greenway... etc.). He said he was forming a band and I asked for his permission to join the first rehearsal as an observer, and an impartial one at that. Next day was 18th September and somehow they just soaped me up so far that I wrote some lyrics for them and even sang a bit. And so it went. Our first bass player was to be Marek from OBSCURED, but for the lack of a bass-amp and a string we had to find a new one that would have had both. So we took Raimo from SEMETARY. The next to join was second guitarist Kaido. That's our cast so far. First concert for us was being a warm-up band for AGGRESSOR in club "326" on 27th of November.

Tell us something about each member of the band.

Henry Hinno (Suslik or Suss): age 18, male, unemployed. Drummer. Has been playing with BLACK SMOLNY,TRACKER a.o.. The former and the engine of the band.
Kaido Tiits: age 23 (I guess), male, black curly hair. Guitarist. Works as a watchman somewhere. Formerly of AGGRESSOR. Been to Soviet Army. Damned good guitarist - brain of the band. Also plays guitar in a doom metal band called MYSTIQUE.
Rene Piirkop (Till): age 17, unmarried, unemployed, doesn't study nothing but guitar, which he also plays in a satanic DM band called MISDEED. And has played in a hard-rock band. The "young 'un" of the band.
Raimo Jussila: age 18, employed, plays bass. We have to share him as well as the rehearsal room with SEMETARY. The joker of the band.
Mart Kalvet: age 17, trying to finish the secondary school. Working as a charman and as an English-teacher (to a I2-year old boy, thank God or whomever). Not religious. Vocals only. Lazybone of the band.

Which bands influence your music?

DEATH, ENTOMBED, NAPALM DEATH I guess. But a friend of mine told me that MORTIFIED brings to mind a cocktail of PARADISE LOST, PANTERA and old BOLT THROWER. I was more than amused.

Can you tell us something about your new songs?

If about music, then I am not a man to critisize, but to my mind they are far better than the old ones (though I like most of those too). Lyrics are not about satanism and not gore also. Some are in the worn out "help the world"-style and some are just a kind of odd visions about my personal bizarre experiences or thoughts.

What are your plans for the future?

To play as much concerts as we can and spend as much time in the studio as we can afford.

How would you want to die?

Certainly not in my deathbed. I'd like to live a long life that I would not have to regret and die on my feet with a smile on my face. Maybe its going to be at 86 years of age in a motorbike accident? Who knows.

Have you given concerts outside of Estonia?

No .

What place you use for rehearsing?

It's a cool and neat place near the Tallinn Bus Terminal. As I already said, we share it with SEMETARY. There 's enough room and elementary things like a kitchen and a shower, so one could even live there. We can rehearse almost every day (Saturdays and Sundays included).

What are your favorite bands?

Our or mine? Mine are MOTÖRHEAD, THE DOORS, VENNASKOND and in D.M. NAPALM DEATH, MY DYING BRIDE, MORBID ANGEL, GOREFEST etc. Henry's are ENTOMBED, ENTOMBED, ENTOMBED and ENTOMBED. But he also listens to ENTOMBED, SCORPIONS, NAPALM DEATH, DEICIDE and ENTOMBED. Raimo's fave bands, as far as I know, are MORBID ANGEL, METALLICA, SEPULTURA, PANTERA and THE CULT. Favorites of Kaido or Rene I'm better not to guess. I just don't know.

What is your greatest dream or wish?

I guess it's to be famous enough to earn money with the music we're doing.

To have video on MTV?

Why not. Mine personally is to be in a warm-up band for MOTORHEAD.

Have you ever thought about what will you do when you'll be an old man?

To hell with your stupid questions! No offence, but I'd rather not think about it.

Something nice to end?

Thanks a lot for publishing this interview. Good luck with your zine. I'd like to wish you and all the readers – peace, love and understanding.

Zine: Graveside magazine

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