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Satanic Music questioning Draconic

1. Please tell us a little bio of Manatark
Mostly I divide the past of Manatark into three periods. First are the years of the "Roosteitk" demo which dates back to 1998, when the band was basically my solo project. After releasing a demo new members - Gates on guitar and Mantas on bass - joined me and for some years we toured and gave concerts, and that was period 2! People liked what we did and thus we got courage to do the CD "Viimanegi Veri". It was released in the year 2000 by a friend, and it never got the promotion a CD is supposed to have. Meanwhile Mantas left the band, Benton joined on bass and we got a real drummer Thonolan (so far we performed with a drummachine). That's the third period - we gave some real concerts, including support acts for some of the best bands in black metal scene and Inferno festival 2002 in Oslo. And now, with a new drummer Suss and the "Chaos Engine" era, we're ready to assault everything average and diluted!

2. How could you define the sound of your band?
It's basically harsh guitars with lots of flowing, single notes, giving it a psychedelic overtone, vocals are a mixture of growls and screams with occasional choir-stuff, bass on the bottom, synth doing some infernal effects and backgrounds and drums keeping the whole thing together!

3. What do you think about the overdose of keyboards in today's metal?
Depends, I also like totally electronic metal! What you probably mean is the overdose of predictable and weak pop-melodies in metal and yes - that is something I dislike. But then again, I don't have to listen to any band, I like only a small number bands in the first place, so I don't care about pop-black-metal or whatever it should be called!

4. And what about so deep feeling such as love introduced in the once rude metal of the past?
Again it depends… Love is a feeling just like hatred and I enjoy artistic realization of both. Lousy stories of hatred are as boring as those of love, success or failure, I don't see the difference. But I have to say, that usually, when I pick up a CD of an extreme-metal band, and it doesn't consist of good old aggression, I am disappointed.

5. But talking about your band. What are the topic you aboard within your lyrics?
The lyrical concept of "Chaos Engine" is about the "Rise of Man" through biting the forbidden fruit of good and evil of Eden - hence the layout of the album as well. The storyteller in the lyrics is a me-character, who is looking from outside how Man is struggling forward only to get closer to it's own demise… and encouraging it. It's also about the joy of "doing what thou wilt" and rather burning in "hell" than wallowing in the nothingness of elsewhere. As a sidenote I would like to stress that my use of characters and symbols from various religions and mythologies is very loose, I am Pagan in my beliefs and using Christian themes is a kind of mocking parody.

6. What's your opinion about paganism and pre-christian lore?
Although I don't devote myself to any kind of worship or a study of lores, as a Pagan I see these values the basis and groundwork of our culture. A lot of this is still present around us, a lot of it still untouched by Christianity.

7. And about occultism, magick & Satanism?
Having studied these to some extent, I sympathize with a lot of their credos, but none of those ever was the real path to step on.

8. Tell us a little bit more about your live shows such as the Inferno Festival 2002.
With the addition of our new drummer I think we should kick some serious ass on concerts! 100% energy blasting from the stage, skilful musicianship and very aggressive and good music, with some intresting passages! Should we end up in a town near you, make sure you don't miss the chance to see us! Inferno Festival 2002 was a great lesson on how to do things and an opportunity to see how things are done elsewhere, to make new friends and new contacts. The crowd liked us, and that's pretty much it - all in all a very pleasant experience!

9. And when playing live. What's the feeling you get form the public?
Our home-public simply goes crazy and the moshpit is pretty remarkable. I've discovered lately that even the scenes that hear us the first time, live into our music quite fast and the response has been spectacular - so we try even harder to make each live unique and worth remembering. That gives us a really good feeling about performing and struggling on through the hard times - tours can be hell and all the support from the crowd is greatly appreciated!!!

10. Which other bands from Estonia would you recommend us?
Right now Loits, Horricane, Tharaphita, Must Missa, and from then on youll discover many others!

11. And some other bands from around the world?
Hmm, too numerous to mention, just don't be afraid to discover bands that are dedicated to real art, not just making passable music. There are some very bright innovative sparks out there, but sometimes they don't have the "market value" to reach you, so you have to get to hear them yourselves. Keep your eyes and ears open! That goes both for the metal and non-metal scenes.

12. Some final words?
I hope reading the interview was worth your time and that you'll enjoy "Chaos Engine", hope to see you all on tour… SOON! Take care!

Zine: Satanic Music

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