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Devotus Regnum
In the spaces of Damned Realm we rule…

Not so much admirers of a heavy music know something about Estonian metal scene or it’s already the miracle if once they heard that such kind of even exist. Very sorrowful to see it coz notwithstanding this Estonia is pierced with medieval ages spirit, known with its hard heathen past and time of awful inquisitions and carnages which filled story of country with blood and hate to Christianity…What else can be better than this piece of Earth for born and development of Black Metal scene? I decided to speak with members of one young but already a successful BM band Devotus Regnum.
On my questions are answering Kryptos Wargerdt (vocals and bass guitar) and Tanum (guitars), Fatal (drums) “ proudly” decided to stay absolutely silent:

Lets begin then!

1. The first question I would like to ask you, could you tell me more about idea to create band? When this “child of 3” appeared?

Kryptos: The band was formed 2 years ago. The idea of its creation was mine but at the beginning I wasn’t a member of a band at all because at that time was playing guitar in another death/doom band Decadent. I only gave some advice from time to time and visited their rehearsals with some kind of session member role. So that’s why Devotus Regnum had only 2 people: Tanum and Fatal . Then I fully joined band 1 year ago and took still a vacant place of vocalist and bass player. Already till that Decadent quit and I was free with a lot of unrealized plans in my head so I needed to search for a new place where I can make music I want. The artwork born from Decadent was not exactly what I have desired. I felt that my heart was devoted to Black Metal. Around that time they already had some material but totally unfinished, after I came in band and got clear with all bass sets, the process of work moved faster and faster. Then began concerts, invitations and so on and on. Concert life boiled immediately!

2. Let’s speak about private life a bit; I hope you do not mind. How did you get acquainted with other members of Devotus Regnum?

Tanum: We have known each other already for 6 years. Actually, Fatal is the native brother of Kryptos and I knew him from childhood and if my memory doesn’t lie to me, Kryptos made us meet each other. Few first months when we just began to play together we got fuckin’ problems with rehearsal place coz too often we simply paid money and didn’t get time to play. The shit was almost ruining us but now it’s quite ok we were stronger than some people who wanted to destroy our band’s development even before it began.

3. How in common do you see the situation of Black Metal scene in Estonia? Was it hard for you to get any approval of music you make?

Kryptos: Let’s say that it was quite hard if not even better to say very hard. It was so because we are living in such area where most of people haven’t heard about existing of such style in music, they only know few stupid stories about crazy Satanists which kill priests, burn churches and worship Satan…Unfortunately, the same opinion we met here very often. If to say about Tallin the development of black metal there is much more successful and people mainly prefer to listen to extreme music there. Thx to our Tallin fans we realized that somebody needs our music. In Estonia there is a lot of bands playing cool music but I cant even say why they are not famous in other countries. Maybe it’s sort of stereotype and people used simply thinking that if bands are from Estonia they cant make normal music which is worth to be listened by thousands. Believe me, it’s not the truth.

4. As I know you still didn’t have an opportunity to release any demo, can it be expected to appear in the future soon?

Kryptos: Nowadays we only have rehearsal demo version, which was recorded in summer 2002. It includes 7 songs, but in our plans is forward moving. We hope to split out demo till 2003; just already we have some suspicions about it because all our previous attempts fell off. We are almost ready for this hard long-awaited process but it doesn’t depend on us only. Wish the luck wont leave us again! Damn! God will suck!

5. The name of a band on Latin sounds like Devotus Regnum, would you be so kind to explain the meaning for us, mortal people, and tell why you stopped your choice on it?

Tanum: Firstly, band got this name only when 3 of us already began to play together. Secondly, in direct translation it means Damned Realm. Why this name? Hard to say but my opinion is that playing our music we create fragile mesmeric world for ourselves, where we can be sheltered and captured by our feelings again and again. It’s how we search and find inspiration and our souls always dart to Damned Realm.
Kryptos: I can add that music is somehow creative opium for all of us with the help of that we hide from gray sullen reality. Originally, it’s hard to explain, but Devotus Regnum’s roots lead to Damned Realm, coz Damned Realm is circle of few people, consisted not only of us, members of band but also our friends, joined together with the same interests and views.

6. But question is: why Damned Realm? Not Black or Evil or even Happy but Damned?

Kryptos: As simple the question is so is the answer. The style we choose in life for most of people is not understandable so for them we look like creatures from world of darkness and hate and they consider us to be obsessed and damned. And playing Black Metal we can’t take names such crazy like Ambrosial Heaven or else something funny and stupid, it’s natural that we have chosen Damned Realm! We wanted so, we felt so, we did so and we are who we are.
Tanum : Aha. And in our Damned Realm we steadfastly are doing our black work…( all are laughing together)

7. What is about lyrics, I’m sure they are melancholic full of hateful attitude to life and so on, or I’m mistaken?

Kryptos: Well, you are almost right. I write all lyrics; mainly they are about death, underworld, and depressed outlook. Some time ago I was really interested in questions about death, suicide, demons, black magic, occultism and that all influenced on me and poetry I wrote. But I never try to write the new text in a way just to make it true satanic, abject and terrible. I am writing about something concerns me the most, often about my feelings and thoughts. I do not just try to invent an original fairy-tale.

8. Music you make itself is quite unique and attracts, but anyway you was inspired by somebody, so I would like to know by who?

Tanum: I can name few bands like Darkthrone, Satyricon, Immortal and I think that comments are not needed.
Kryptos: Not only famous bands have influenced us. For example I have heard quite talented underground bands, which have really showed me what the Black Metal is and played a big role in my music tastes’ and life views’ forming. But at the same time I fully agree with Tanum’s answer and can add that even now Immortal is my favorite band as it was before.

9. And so finally to which one of many styles you devote Devotus Regnum?

Kryptos: Mostly we create Black Metal but sometimes use elements of Thrash, Doom and Death, also often make acoustic parts in songs. We try to experiment a lot with speed and compose various music, its much more exciting than listen to the same all the time boring killing shit.

10. Great thanks for the interview and maybe you would like to add something?

Tanum: I would like to say with a big pleasure that it’s our first interview and add with hope that not the last one. ( Again everybody’s laugh ).
Kryptos stops laughing and with his typical seriousness on face recites: I would like to say that I have got a big pleasure during this wonderful hour of interview, drinking beer and merely spending time, and I also want to add with hope that it is not the last one day we drink beer together. Stay damned and listen to Devotus Regnum!!!
(Our friendly laugh fades away in air)

November 20, 2002

* Special thanks from the band to Poison Ivy because interview was taken on Russian and later translated in to English.

Author: Poison Ivy
Zine: Austrian black metal zine

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