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Must Missa
Berg about Must Missa

First of all, tell us a brief biography of the band… I noticed that the band name is in Finnish, but you’ re from Estonia, am I right?
Berg: Not Finnish but Estonian. Our languages might sound and look similar, but they are not the same. I think you want translation also? “Black mass”.

I also read on your site that in the beginning you started as a Doom-Gothic band, inspired by Amorphis or My Dying Bride… Why did you decide to so drastically change your music style? Doom-Gothic is a very slow and rather melodic genre, while you’ re now focused on a totally grim, raw and old-style Black Metal, delivering very different feelings of morbidity and sickness…
Berg: Story on our website is not explaining total truth about the birth and progress of our band and it will be re-written soon. We played aggressive stuff at first but somehow went more melodic. One can say we didn’t knew what we wanted to achieve at first, but now the music and the poetry is more certain and concrete and we see our ideas and goals more clearly.We did melodic music and at one point Kris said that he would like to do a side-project for aggressive stuff. For now this is our only band, but still there is few melodic tracks written from old riffs by others and there are many tapes recorded in rehearsals with both melodic and aggressive songs. Though I don’t know if any of these will be ever released in any form.

The entire booklet deals with images of graves, corpses and obscure monuments. I would like to know why you’ re so fascinated by Death and all the things related to it… It’ s only a sick interest or you’ re really deep into a Death-philosophy? I mean, do you think often to this process definitely still unknown to the men, to a possible afterlife, to the moment when you close your eyes forever? Do you hope in a life beyond the mortal existence or do you desire a total death of body, soul and mind?
Berg: I have not thought that much of what awaits people after death. Why bother when nobody don’t know the answer anyway? I hope there is a hell after death because I am been soooo bad and unholy that I might get “good” position there… ha ha! The images must show that we do not live in pink world with flowers and butterflies. Images of death symbolizes that our music is certain as death and do not show mercy. This is what Must Missa is all about. Still do not try to search any life philosophy from lyrics, there isn’t any.

The title of the demo is “Sex beyond the grave”, and another title (“To become buried/Fuck after grave”) deals with necrophilia and grave desecration. I would like to know your opinion about these kind of morbid obsessions and pratices… Have you ever felt the need to fuck a corpse, to make sex with a cold stiff body? And do you hope your corpse will be desecrated by a sick necrophile?
Berg: No, I have never felt need to have intercourse with a corpse and I don’t see why should I do it in the future. We have wives, you know! The poetry isn’t usually saying it all out loud and people should think of the lyrics as an enigma some sort. I know it is written in Estonian so I explain it a little. Poetry on that particular track is about how one is happy to leave this world when Death calls him. The title was originally “To become buried” but as little wordplay (the title is in Estonian so the wordplay is also) others joked about it and called the track “Fuck after grave”. We decided to use the “nasty” title just to add little spice to the demo. And I’m glad we did it because almost every interview deals at least once with question about necrophilia and sick lust - people think about our band and ideas! The title can be seen as it is, so it refers to necrophilia. But we can also say it is about having better life after death (fuck is good) or having worse life after death (being raped isn’t that good). It is all how one imagines the pictures. Lyrics now are much more certain and do not use that much of an imagination. Short, clear and may seem evil to some people. To people that are inspiration for lyrics.

Tell us something about the lyrics of the other songs… In particular I found ravishing a title like “Be afraid of my (true) face”…
Berg: They were done much writing just couple of cool words down. The story was not that important and we didn’t thought about message. Now texts are about some story, which brings my emotions to life when I read it or see it on TV or I just remember some old story. It is very hard to understand my own feelings so it must be very pure emotion to describe it to others. Also now everyone in the band has done some lyrics, so on next album the message is wider. There will be texts about Estonian pride, about mass murders, about everything sick…

Why did you decide to sing in Estonian? Do you feel an attachment to your land? Tell us something about living in Estonia, and also about your Metal scene… List some bands you would advise to our readers…
Berg: On demo all the tracks were written in Estonian for one reason – we felt that way. Now at least some new songs will be with English lyrics. For people outside Estonia there is plan to add translations on album cover so also they can understand the message. Metal scene is shit over here. Not many bands doing fast and enjoyable music, few like Winter Night Overture, Meinardus. And the attitude isn’t what it should be.

Beverina is a well-known underground label/distro from your land. Why did you choose to reprint your demo for them? It was a recent release (February 2000)… Are you satisfied with the work they done for this first demotape? Do you like the tape-format, and you could be interested in releasing something on CD or do you prefer vinyl and tapes?
Berg: Beverina is from Latvia, not Estonia, actually. Yes, the work of Beverina and Ketzer from Germany is perfect. People outside of Estonia have little knowledge of our band and that was the goal with releasing it again. We do not like tape-format in particular way, but it was just the way labels could release it. Next thing is planed to be release both CD and MC format.

I noticed you play without face-paint… It’ s a little strange for a band with an old-style attitude like yours… Do you use some scenic or particular effects during your live-shows?
Berg: Our attitude is “Love your god! I’m your god!” ie we do what we want and nobody should give us crap about we are not true black metal band, we are not true satanists, we are not true … I know many of black metal bands uses corpse-paint, but this does not mean we should salute to everything other do. And there is not any live-show, we have done 5 gigs all together, so there was no need of any show whatsoever. I don’t mind you asking this, but I know people that think we are copying Burzum but we are not doing it enough… Come on, I should kill Euronymous too?

Tell us something about your everyday life… Do you study, work, sell your ass, stole the money to old women, sell drugs to the children or something else? And about your hobbies besides playing Black Metal?
Berg: I’m working, others studying. I wouldn’t say black metal is a hobby, believing in god isn’t hobby, right? I don’t think I have any hobbies right now, if I am rich rock-star after 10 years I probably collect houses or expensive cars. Ok, maybe watching scary movies and drawing will qualify? Pretty odd question, but good one though.

What do you think about extreme or perverted sex? S/M, fetish, bondage, child-pornography, animal, etc? Tell us your fave perversion…
Berg: I hope that you didn’t expect long answer about us having kinky sex on satanic orgies, did you? Well, to be honest I have never done anything unusual in that topic and as far I know about other members they aren’t done anything like that... So no favorite one either…

Do you support and/or watch snuff-movies? What do you think about the fact that innocent people are slaughtered only for the morbid pleasure of an audience of psychopatic maniacs?
Berg: No, I have not watched any snuff movies, but we have surfed on and downloaded from sites like and Not that we have (erotic) pleasure from seeing such things, but this is life and this is something we would like to see on our covers or t-shirts. Life just isn’t pretty. And in Estonia two documentary tv-serials are shown, one about Russian criminals and other about our own Estonian maniacs. Pretty creepy and bloody ones…

Tell me your religious creeds and/or ideas… I think that obviously you’ re against the christian filth, but what do you think about satanism, occultism and other dark pratices? Do you believe in unearthly evil forces?
Berg: Well, we are against anything that does not like our ideas – christianity etc. On other hand we do not support satanism or any other religion, we do not believe it and end of story. I do not think I believe in any un-natural forces either, I’m pretty material person. Still if any then old Estonian pagan religion roots are something interesting to learn about.

Now a funny question: what are your fave beers and alcoholics? Do you know some italian beers?
Berg: Sorry, no Italian beers that I know of. Maybe I know some but I do not relate it with Italy. We have our own awesome Estonian beer factories like Saku and one in Tartu. I did use some hard fuel like vodka in the past, but now I am drinking medium beer with 4-5% alcohol in it. Just don’t feel to be drunk anymore. Other members still destroying many liters of vodka regularly.

Do you consider yourself as a misanthrope? Do you hate the people around you and why do you hate them? Don’ t you feel a scornful mercy when you look at all those empty-heads down the streets?
Berg: Why should I hate 1-year old child or 99-years old grandpa? But on other hand why should I be a christian and turn my other side? People in here are mostly morons, empty-heads, like you said. I don’t feel sorry for them and I don’t mind if they don’t bother me.

Tell us your most terrifying nightmare and your most wonderful dream ever…
Berg: If I had knew I need to remember my dreams I had to write them down. No special memories about dreams. I know our drummer saw forest where a lot of people were hanged and probably this dream-image will make it to our album cover or t-shirt…

Ok, this is the end, sorry for this interview because it’ s a fucking shit! Send your ultimate curse upon the filthy humanity!
Berg: Tough questions so I should curse you, ha! Thanks for asking questions for people to see what we think.

Author: Herr Morbid
Zine: Solitude Aeternus Zine

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