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Realm of Carnivora
Interview with Thonolan of Realm Of Carnivora

1- Why did you change of Morbia to Realm of Carnivora, is Realm of Carnivora the most extreme band in all your scene?
Actually at first we did Morbia and after we had broken up and then reformed under the name Realm of Carnivora,
But I think D.N.R. is the most brutal act in estonian extreme metal, there used to be a band called Tarbatu (RIP), too.

2- After all this time, have you changed your sound since your ,,Vikati vari te palgel, saabub aeg ja teras langeb...vengeance shall come,,, are you more technical now?
Hmm, can`t really tell, I think we are moving somewhere and there have been some changes and some will come, I personally like more old-school black metal,

3- Now you are influenced by a lot of bands, which are your main influences, what is the theme of your lyrics?
I really can`t tell exactly, because I am dealing more with the musical side, Pimedus writes the lyrics, but as I can tell they talk about paganism and philosophy, I can`t really put this in english, you have to understand Estonian language then you get the idea...

4- Why ,Opus II - SAATANHARK, and "Theatre of War" have never seen the light, are you planning to release both now, any ideas about releasing them?
When we started the recordings we had 6 members, but the costs were too expensive and some members lost intrest in BM so, I alone could not afford it. And theatre of war was a mistake of the studiomen, they just lost the song (!) ... but we did agree to rerecord these someday.

5- Do you think that "Verised Relvad" is your best work, why, are you satisficed with the support and promotion of Ketzer?
I think that VR is showing that we are developing and moving to a different level, we will stay BM, but if you listen to the cd you'll find it more different and mature from "Vengeance...".

6- Why to relese a new demo "Katk", what songs will be on it, do you keep the same line with your CD?
Actually there were 2 songs that I personaly thought wouldn`t suit to the Verised Relvad, because they were too different. So we recorded those 2 songs as a demo, you can download "Katk" demo freely from our homepage

7- Are you playing in other projects, do you play and sound different in your other projects?
I am active also in Morigan (speed/heavy/thrash metal) the guys from morigan are old friends of mine and they asked if I can help them out with drums, so I agreed. Then there is Hord, an extreme black/death metal band, if everything goes well, we will be recording our first demo this year, await ugly and grim chaos a'la belphegor!!!! And of course I have my solo darkwave/ambient projekt - Varthgulz

8- What do you know about Peru or South-America?
Actually not much. The first thing I think of is Brujeria, when I am asked about South-America. And is there a band called Goat Semen?

9- How are your shows, with what bands have you played, have you played abroad?
The audience is going fucking crazy, but it's too bad we have not good old-school BM bands left, many good estonian acts have split up. And because of the fucking EU the gas is too expensive for me to drive 250 km to see 1 good band perform for 30 minutes,

10- Are you satanists, how do you define yourself?
In the eyes of church I am surely a satanist, I take satan as a form of rebellion, creation and free thinking

11- Do you believe in love, have you planned to have a family, why?
I have family and I also have a son, I can`t define love,

12- What is the most important thing that you have done in your life and why?
When we are talking about metal, then I have now my own little studio/rehershal room, there I can continue my doings. But in life I can`t tell, I hope to continue releasing metal.

13- Do you fear anything, who is god of the christians for you?
Really I don`t give a fuck what those people do - they are nothing to me, I am doing my own thing, period

14- Any future plans?
We just finished the recordings for new album, only the mastering is left, and I hope it is going to be released this year.....

15- Any last comment?
Support the black/death UG bands!!!!


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