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Celestial Crown
Interview with Celestial Crown

1)Correct me if I’m wrong, is Divenia Rec your new rec label?
Denis: They are Licensee of our first album. We have a deal with them for re-release our first album. But we hope that they will do all their best and we release our new album through them. Or we will find another one, anyway it’s early to say something about our new album. We will see how Divenia will be in few months. We don’t want repeat mistakes like it was with ExDoom records.

2)Celestial Crown has been around for 5 years now,but when really that you started to listen to all of these underground music genre?
Denis: I was like 18-19 years old and first was The Exploited “Horror epics” and I love all their albums :). But if take period when I was 13-17 I was fan of my father’s records – Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Yes, Queen. And I still love to listen to them sometimes.
Sergei: I started with Metallica & Iron Maiden at the age of 15.
Shel: Nirvana since 1991/1992 (don’t remember exact date).

3)Do you listen to venom or bathory during that time? Or perhaps Scorpions? Hehehe..
Denis: Scorpions “Wind Of Change” in school :)
Sergei: I have one Scorpions CD in my collection, Golden Ballads ideal for making love.
Shel: Sorry, i was wrong about 2nd question. First i’ve heard was metallica, europe, scorpions, deep purple, etc…

4)Are your parents all the way support you? Are they angry when you’re doing rehearsal, you might be disturbing your next neighbors with your unholy music?
Denis: I love my parents and I respect them much for helping me and letting me do rehearsal at home! Neighbors – he he I heard no word from them. :) May be they afraid my sick room?:)
Sergei: Parents? Support? Are you joking? Neighbors hate me, like I them.
Shel: Fortunately (or maybe not), i live in other place and even in other city far from my parents. But we do support each other, of cause.

5)Estonia maybe a small country,I have not listen any of the band from there,you’re the first,any good band that you would like to tell us?
Denis: hm let me think – Bestia, Herald, Ecthalion, Whispering Forest.. Honestly I like more English bands – I don’t know why …
Sergei: Definitely: Vanila Ninja ! You can see them on VIVA TV. If you turn off the sound you'll like those girls. But if to be serious, I like Estonian Death Metal, like Mortophilia, Vigilia Mortum and some others.
Shel: A lot of good bands in here. But less good labels.

6)I have listened to The Embraced Lp for several time,my honest opinion,I like the solo parts but some parts sound like Cradle Of Filth,how this happened? Are you a big fan of the band?
Denis: Really? I even didn’t think that way.
Sergei: I m always astonished by this comparison. Honestly, I don t like COF at all. They are professionals, but not my style. So, I don t listen them, same as Shel.
Shel: My opinion is that any style has restriction by definition. So if it is more restricted, then more bands, which play in the same style, are similar. And we do not apply for creation of something new or unique, becourse it’s hard to create something new and unique. And we do compose new combination of notes and instrumental technique using such sound patterns that approach under the definition of style (or styles). And similarity is inevitable. But solo parts are made NOT under the influence of COF as i think. Probably, vocals are, but not solo parts.

7)I like the voice of your female vocalist in the band, who the hell is she? Your friend? Whose idea to recruit a female vocalist?
Denis: girls girls – She is a girl, pretty one – our music needs female vocal J
Sergei: It is always great to use contrasts in music (and not only in music), brutal male vocal + sweet female vocal always works, distorted guitar + violin and piano etc. It gives you more possibilities to express your emotions. The idea came from Theatre Of Tragedy, as you know.
Shel: …from Theatre of Opera:)… It is connected to human physiology, as you know. An alternation of such contrast emotion as fear, agression, tranquility etc, causes inflow of adrenaline and other substances, which make human to feel pleasure (similar to narcotic pleasure:)). How to express these contrasts in music?

8)How old is she then? Doesn’t it difficult to work with her? You know girls things,they like to wear make up for hours,maybe she’s not that type…hehe
Denis: She is 22 right now. But I always forget how old is she J. In studio sometimes it is difficult to work with her :)(she drinks too much tea before we start record her – I hate to wait :)) . But she is a good singer and we love her!
Sergei: She is a good girl.
Shel: She is the one of the two of us who sings:). And that’s true…

9)How do you travel to a concert? By van? Do you bring your own instrument? Does it cost you a lot to buy the instrument? How much money have you spend so far?
Denis: By buss. We take our own instruments and they cost a lot. In the past I spent money for band – now I spend for me :)
Sergei: That s real headache for me. Traveling half a day to one side with guitars and processors just for 40 minutes of disgusting sound. Only place where I like to play is (was) our garage. Buying instruments costs months of hard work.
Shel: This is one of reasons which makes most of musicians in estonia as amateurs.

10)Do you take any vitamins or pills for stamina during the concert?
Denis: Sorry No drugs! Gigs sound real without any pill!!!
Sergei: Are there any vitamins in bear? If it is so, then we really use vitamins. Pills we leave for Drum & Bas music makers.
Shel: Our band is not our job yet. And our concerts happened too seldom to use pills.

11)Tell me about your latest gigs? How the respond from the crowds? Don’t you fear someday it will become a competition among the bands during the concert, I mean the better band will get boost from the fan,the bad will get boo from them….
Denis: Our latest gigs – I like them, it was not bad, but sometimes I think it could be better if we had our own sound engineer during a gig. If it will be competition – hm Actually I don’t care what is the best band or bad band. If I like music what band plays I don’t care if in a competition they will be not the best one.
Sergei: I have heard words HUI and GAGARIN from them.
Shel: As othen our vocalist tells: music must “kill”people and people must be “killed” by music. Crowds must forget why they came to concert. And I agree with him. Even if it causes negative emotions.

12)Any regret involving in this music scene? Doesn’t it bother your time with your family/job? Are you guys married?
Denis: I don’t regret – I like what I do. Concerts don’t bother me at all but there is a lot of job to do inside. No I am not married J Girls you can email me! :)
Sergei: Yeah, I have ring on my finger.
Shel: About regrets. I regret, that i’m loosing possibility to feel real emotions when listening to music. Now i need to listen to nothing during weeks or even months to feel interest to music. About marriage: not yet.

13)Tell me the respond of your previous lp The Embrace? What is your lyrical influences? Where/how the hell you find idea to create such lyrics? How long does it take to create for one song?
Denis: Lyrically The Embraced is about dark vampiric times you can find lyrics on our site. But it is not basic theme of Celestial Crown. We try to create what we feel and as you know feelings are changing and lyrics too. How long it takes – hm like 1-3 days to record demo version.
Shel: More better you play music – then harder to create music (if you afraid of repeats). That was my idea during Embraced. I played very seldom on guitar and synth and took all that i’ve played. That’s why music is so simple in Embraced (and in other albums).

14)Do you feel fed up or stress when you don’t get any idea to write a song?Do you reads book to get idea? Hmmm perhaps you like poems?
Denis: Sometimes movies get a big inspiration to me – for me a movie like a big video clip of some moment of life. And I don’t fed up if no idea – always there is an idea but more often it has only a part of it :) not full.
Shel: I don’t know about lyrics nothing, but about music can tell that any sound can be used during creation. If you have much sounds, you can combine them as you want in any ways. If no more imagination, mathematics will help you.

15)Dream Of Elizabeth song, any relation with Elizabeth Bathory?
Denis: Yes but in “doom metal” version lyrically.

16)What is your fav mainsream bands? Metallica? What’s your opinion of them?
Denis: I like My Dying Bride and Cradle Of Filth – they are great ones and I like what they are doing! All My Respect For Them!
Sergei: METALLICA, I still love their old albums. Now I m listening mainly death metal bands, my favorites are BEHEMOTH, LUCIFERION, ZYKLON. Among other styles: My Dying Bride and many more.
Shel: I don’t even know. I like only some songs of some bands. I’m not a fan of any band. But probably i like anathema (old albums), opeth, rotting christ, evereve, 3rd and the mortal, tool and etc.

17)Are you believe in religion? What do you think that some bands are involving with this so call Satanic Cult? What do you fear most in your life,death? Or rats? Hehehe…

Denis: I am not very much in religion. Man can believe in what he wants and it is his right. The point is what you must be good whatever you are in. About Satanic Cult – I am not Satanist and I don’t care about them much. Among all of us there are good and bad people. What do I fear – hm life? No. death? Not much.
Most of all I fear that one day all connection and all internet will be lost!!! It will be disaster! :)
Sergei: I believe in Santa. I fear cockroaches. I hate them. They will burn in hell, all of them! Bastards!
Shel: There is a big mess in most religions. Restricted human intellect can manage only 4d-fancies but never superior. So anything superior can fake it. Who can know the truth? Very often “good gods” appear as very aggressive gods... And Satanic doctrine in Christianity is very strange, and the following conception of Satanic Cult is very strange too (if it really exists), but i don’t care of it, because even there is said that no-one can judge lucifer except god… In present times most religions look more like massive control of crowds. But as for me, i believe that there are controls over them who tries to control crowds. Nature is more intellectual than we can expect. And i am afraid of death. Not much now, but in future. Imagine, that nothing and no-one will help you: only you one to one with yourself, with your death hallucinations and total darkness around. Of course, i want to believe that there is something good for me, that will help me to understand that i am dead and to find the best way out.

18)This is not the end of the world,your last words before we end this….any merchandise to offer? Tell the readers how they can contact you guys?
Stop comparing us with COF!!!
Shel was here!
Thanks for interview! Hailz To All MetalHeads of Brunei Darussalam!!!

Celestial Crown:

Denis – vocals
Diana – vocals
Shel – rhythm guitar, synth
Sergei – lead guitar
Arno – bass guitar

July 2004

Author: Emperor Zine
Zine: Emperor Zine - End 2004

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