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Roman about Postmortem

Hello ! My name is Roman Osnovin I'm leader guitarist of POSTMORTEM, so much pleased to talk to you, ok, let's go:

1. Tell me the obscure concept of the band?

To live for feasts and pleasure.

2. And what are the important elements of the esfera death metal?

What means "Esfera"? If that's what I think it is, so this is the power, drive, way of strong heart full filled of energy.

3. In the pictures on your webpage the members of the band look kind of brutal, is that so?

Yeah, we're brutal russian men.

4. Tell me about the history of the band?

The band exists more then 12 years. Many times the staff was changed. As a rule, Postmortem made music men, another words, stood them on their legs. Can be said that it close cooperated with much of Estonian metal bands due to this way. We have kept to the style gotten from beginning, however. But because of some changes in staff for last two years we have changed our music to more heavy and technical style keeping the melodism at the same time. We're growing. Every member of band has own project, aswell.

5. Do you perform any rituals?

Yeah. On every perfomance we got one nice young girlfriend from public, rape her on the scene and then drink 4*200 ml of her blood, so she keeps alive... It's joke.... she died.... But this is the joke. No, we like to drink much beer, in strange way it makes the sound on scene more clear, and it helps us to be the music, the energy.

6. Tell me about the new lineup of the band?

We've got a guitarist from Nosferatos/Naguale at 99', drummer switched to bass, behind drums sits a new young drummer from Naguale since last year.

7. Your influences?

Metallica (but who's not? Only till 91'), Napalm death, Pestilence, Slayer, Sepultura (89'-91'), Meshuggah, Megadeth, My dying bride (early), Paradise lost, Blind Guardian, mmmm.. Cannibal Coprse, Pantera, Ozzy, Steve Vai, Death, Manowar, Liquid Tension Experiment, I.S.Bach... Actually, there are much more of them and no one is more important than any for us. We like any music that has drive, power, melody or something of its own, original, it might be anything. But above all is our's.

8. Do you do anything special during your shows - moves,corpsepaint,fireworks?

Nothing special, like King Diamond. We use more traditional club manner. But good lightwork always adds up.

9. What is most important in the existence of humans?

The Further Energy-Infomational Evolution.

10. Tell me about other bands from your country?

There are quite many bands in our country, and they are rather good playing their styles, so we'll tell just about most familiar to us. Sugar Free play heavy punk, our bassguitarist (previously our drummer) plays guitar and sings there. Karma gives us rehersal room and plays pretty traditional heavy metal. Acclemator plays new-wave metal with interesting elements. They are just good guys with good parents. Our drummer and guitarist play in Naguale, there's no definition about their style...

11. Tell me about your local scene and is it similar with any other country's scene?

We have few places but they are wonderful as a "scene". At a whole, the same situation about groups in Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.

12. What about the name of your band. What does it mean?

This is the name of the world that human see after death of their body. Someone can see very few, other can act awarely.

13. Tell me about the production of your recordings?

We have produced several demos on MCs and two albums on MCs and CDs. we've also participated on compilations dedicated to Led Zeppelin and King Diamond produced in USA, Hollywood. Also our second album "The Call of the Sea" is produced in Moscow, Russia, where we've included both covers and a demo-track.

14. Your other projects?

Look at the answer to question 10.

15. Tell me about your local zines, labels, radio shows, promotors, distributions and local girls?

OOO girl s :-)))) We have especially beautiful and so much sexy girls :-))) We have special metal Magazine PLAKK, metal radio shows we have too, but i do not remember these names. Also a label called GUANO records, this is new label it's been working for about 5 years and still has released many CD's and also makes distribution of other foreign bands...

16. Thanks a lot, man. Your last comments?

Thank You! Wait our next album. Comments will be there.
If you have some questions or anything to say for us , do not hesitate to contact with us : Fax + 372 635 666 7 , phone : + 372 55 95 78 65

Author: Christian Felipe Paucar
Zine: Death Trashers Magazine

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