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Interview with Lembetu

1. Hails.. Can you talk about last news from Loits?

We just arrived from an extremely successful concert in Riga and will perform in Vilnius the next weekend. Concerts are important for Loits, but at the moment the most important thing for Loits is the fact that our new album “Vere kutse kohustab” will be released quite soon in both CD and LP formats. At the moment we are doing everything humanly possible to make the release happen in time and make it release shake as many people as possible. I very much hope that the short feature film about Loits currently in production will be ready by the time of the presentation of the new release. Also, both of our as of yet unreleased vinyls “Raiugem ruunideks” and “Meeste muusika” should see the light of day during October. Keep an eye on our homepage. In the near future, news should be updated weekly.

2. You define your music as "National Romantic Extreme Metal". National and Extreme are ok.. But where is romantic from?

The reason is simpler than simple. The main theme of Loits’s first album was national romanticism, thence the name of the style. Nowadays we use less misleading monickers, like “Militant Extreme Metal”, or, for the new material, a style name invented by our friend and a fan – “Flak’n’Roll”!

3. Your last songs are more different than previouses. Namely, clean guitar parts, Primordial style clean vox. etc..Can you talk about this changing?

Actually I would say the acoustic guitar parts on “Meeste muusika” 7” EP remind more of Primordial than the clean vocals, which instead is maybe more influenced by In The Woods… Why such changes – I don’t know. I guess we just felt a need to do things a little bit differently than before. Those who’ve monitored the evolution of Loits must know that we are constantly changing. The new album contains a lot of surprises, as well.

4. Besides there's an accordion in "Metsavend". This is unusual thing for metal bands. How did develop this idea? Is accordion your national instrument?

We’ve been nursing the idea of using accordion for quite some time now. We planned to do it already on the “Ei kahetse midagi” album, but the circumstances prevented that. Now we finally had the chance, because groZmoT, the sound engineer at the Zorg studios, is an excellent accordion player, who helped us realize a long-time dream. This instrument fits the atmosphere of “Meeste muusika” perfectly and we definitely don’t eliminate the use of it in the future.

Accordion is quite a well-known “grassroots” kind of an instrument for Estonians; in the olden times, before the gramophone and other new-fangled gizmos arrived here, most folk parties were held to accordion music. Because of that all the old soldiers’ songs we like to listen to from time to time are accompanied by accordion.

5. You played lot's of country for Goat Guts Over Europe Tour 2003. How was the tour? And Where was your best live show?

All of our best live shows have been in Estonia and Lithuania, because that’s where we have the biggest fanbase. I hope the list of such countries will grow soon. The tour didn’t go through Estonia this time, so the best gig was in Vilnius. This, of course, doesn’t mean that we fared badly elsewhere. The tour was a success for us, and, what’s most important, we accumulated loads of new experiences.

6. You work with Beverina. But it's a little label. Will you rise enough with Beverina? Or do you look for a new label?

At the moment I consider the official label for Loits to be Ledo Takas Records that will very soon release our second full-length album. Tadas, the manager of Ledo Takas, is a very good friend of ours and we have excellent cooperation with him. His label is also quite small, but we hope to grow through cooperation with him, and show others what we’re capable of. The success of “Legion Estland” 7” EP that was released under Ledo Takas before our full length album is keeping our hopes high.

We won’t close out the continuation of cooperation with Beverina, of course. We are very grateful to Juris for the work he has done for us. Beverina released our first album “Ei kahetse midagi” in MC format and the “Reval 15.02.2003” video CDR.

In addition to these two labels we have cooperated and are currently cooperating with the following labels: Searing Spear (“Meeste muusika” 7” EP), Seven Gates Of Hell (“Ei
kahetse midagi” digi-pack CD), Schwarze MaSSenvernichtung (“Raiugem ruunideks” 7” EP), Stillborn Noiz (“Ei kahetse midagi” CDR) etc.

7. As far as I know, your lyrics and musical concept are about nationality and militarism. Can you talk about this concept?

Nowadays Loits sings about the men who fought during the complicated events of WWII in different armed forces or in the forests for the freedom of their fatherland, men like the Forest Brethren, the Finnboys and those who fought the red terror in German uniforms (Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht). Even today some people have the audacity to call the latter nazis and fashists and trample their heroic acts into mud, but these men had no other choice. The Soviet Russia had drenched our land with blood during the events of 1941, and deported a lot of our people who later died in Russian work camps due to inhumane conditions. When you’re handed a club to bash between the eyes a rapist and a murderer who’s forced his way into your home, you won’t stop to analyse the consequences when accepting it. They chose the lesser of two evils, and if German occupation of our country would have lasted longer, our grandfathers would have turned their weapons against them. That actually happened during the last days of the war, when there was an attempt to restore the independent republic of Estonia, but, alas, the red beast returned with a vengeance.

It is hypocritical to call the Estonians who fought in Waffen-SS abd Wehrmacht nazis, because no-one calls the WWII allies of Russia communists.

8. What do you think about events in Osetya? For you is muslim world really murderer too?

What do we really know about what happened in Osetya? Only what the Russian propaganda machine has botched up! When a country enters Russia’s sphere of interest, it is fought against without choosing methods, at all costs. We experience this here constantly, but fortunately the situation isn’t yet as bad that we should fear open war. But it’s truly depressing to hear what Russian people are told about Estonia.

Due to Russia’s politics the Chechen path of affliction has stretched for so long that if somebody were to make a movie about it, it would last for years, and the rest of the world still allows these horrors to persist without intervention. I totally understand that Chechens are forced into a situation from which there is no egress, and it comes as no surprise that people in such situations take extreme steps. Nothing justifies the killing of innocent children, but I understand why such things happen. In addition, the world is constantly told about and reminded of even the smallest terrorist attacks against Russia, but nobody talks about Russia’s ongoing genocide in Chechnya. Russia controls the media, and the Chechens haven’t got the slightest chance to show the world the situation from their point of view. I hope the Chechens won’t recruit any more muslim fundamentalists to their cause, because such a tendency would totally eliminate any chance of freedom for them, ever.

Anyway, what happens in Chechnya is a sign of what’s going on in the rest of the world. When the big ones’ interests are at stake, no one cares about the worries of the little ones. This is a sure sign of danger to Estonia, as well!

What can I say about muslims? You know, for me it’s just one of these religions, like Christianity and the rest of them, that force themselves on everything. If free peoples are subjected in doing this, I support war as a measure to weed out such disease.

9. Ok. My questions are over. Your last words?

I don’t know how many people will read this interview, but I recommend everyone to keep their eyes and ears open to what’s happening to Estonian metal in the near future. There’s a whole lot of valuable stuff coming from here! Flak’N’Roll, Baris!

Author: Baris Karahan
Zine: Eternity Magazine

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