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Abandoned Elysium
Interview with Abandoned Elysium!

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Abandoned Elysium - Interview with Abandoned Elysium! 24-03-2015
PSAB: Where does the band name “Abandoned Elysium” come from? AE: The idea behind it, is that we live in a paradise that is on its way to doom. Just think about it, we have abandoned the idea to keep our planet alive… Even tough this paradise can provide ... Read more >>

Sorts - Interview with Sorts 06-04-2011
Interview (June 2010) Hello! How are you at the moment? Tere! What could you expect from a man who had his beers on ice and liver on fire through all the weekend. The routine blue monday condition for me. Feeling too old to live, too young to die. Sorts ... Read more >>

Bestia - Interview with Bestia 22-09-2009
Greetings to the horde of bestia. Congratulation for the second album “ronkade parved”. For those, who never heard about you yet, can you introduce yourself ? How did you find Together ? What is your musical background ? You are active since 2000 ? I ... Read more >>

Bestia - Interview with Bestia 03-09-2009
Bestia is an Estonian Black Metal band and they have recently released their second album “Ronkade Parved”. A very diverse album, yet with a quite coherent end result. Musically they are mainly playing harsh Black Metal, but there is also a decent amount ... Read more >>

Sõjaruun - Interview With Sõjaruun 11-05-2009
Since the Estonian metal scene to me is a complete mystery I was intrigued when I received this young band's first release, which was a potent pagan black metal record. This made me decide to ask them for an interview. We did the interview by e-mail. ... Read more >>
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