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The beginning of Zorg dates back to December 1999 when first demo songs were uploaded to couple of internet sites. In 2001, the debut album “Artificial” was released and band had their first live performance in Von Krahl premises.

In 2002, Zorg recorded EP called “XXX” and celebrated the third year of their existence in Biker’s pub with private live show. Couple of month later Zorg had a chance to play in huge birthday concert of the Estonian most famous folk band Kukerpillid. The legend says that at least one of the 6000 folk music lovers required medical assistance after Zorg’s performance.

In 2003 Zorg faced hard times when vocalist Tanel left the band. Luckily it did not took too long before Zorg found a worthy successor for him – Lemo (ex BDÖ) was actually only name in the list that everyone approved.

Except supporting Clawfinger in February, the year 2004, released worlds first LP single “Activator” featured 6 different mixes of Zorg's song "The One" has been relatively quiet since Zorg has been busy with recording new material for their upcoming album. At the end of 2005 ZORG's female vocalist Riina left the band.

After 5 years of silence, Zorg is finally coming back. On 6th of September 2010 new album "Rooste" ("Rust") was released and is available as a free download via Zorg's facebook page (
Band name: Zorg
Location: Tallinn
Genre: industrial metal
Style: Industrial metal
Founded: 1999
Lemo - Vocal B.D.Ö.
Intz - Guitar Creature, Rhapsody
Dr. Rebane - Bass Rhapsody
Tom - Synth Creature
Joel - Drums Creature
Previous members:
Riina - Vocal (1999-2007)
Tanel - Vocal (1999-2003) Creature
Rooste 2010

1. Õndsus | mp3
2. Päev
3. Rooste
4. Serval
5. Sõna
6. Ruutmeetri Staar
7. Hüpikhiir | mp3
8. Mis Siis
9. Viimne Laine
10. Mina Ka

Activator 2005

1. The One (the one and original message)
2. The One Critikal Rugged Remix (mix by B. Prikenfeld)
3. The One Punishent Mix (Kristo K of No Big Silence)
4. Zorud Ja Kynkad (Barbariz mix)
5. The Evil One Remix (remixed by Forgotten Sunrise)
6. One And Only Remix (by virgo)
7. The Drunken One Zorg Mix (blended by Dr. Rebane and Inz of Zorg)
8. The One Heavy Metal Demo (the very beginning of all)
9. Hakkame Mehed Minema (Gustav E of Estonia vs. TTÜ meeskoor vs. Zorg)
10. Zorg Actvator

XXX 2002

1. Crawl | mp3
2. Eat Me Alive
3. Personal Jesus
4. Jää Jumalaga Mann | mp3
5. No Face

Artificial 2001

1. The End
2. Artificial
3. Feed The Fire
4. Voices Of Silence | mp3
5. Master Of The Rage
6. Serial | mp3
7. Outcast
8. Daydream
9. New War
10. Forget The World
11. Alone | mp3
12. Dust and Shadows
13. Eat Me Alive

E-mail: band (at)
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