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It was October of 2000 when four rebellious schoolmates Con, Rain, Orb and Orav from a small Estonian town called Otepää united their forces and created the beast titled Mortophilia. Thes guys didn't knew how to play but they were sure that they want to play Brutal Death Metal. Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Death are the keywords.
Even it was obvious that they play their instruments so badly, Mortophilia still had some small performances in Otepää and Tartu in year 2001. With the same line-up the band perfomed on a Death Metal gig in Tartu, summer 2002. That live was historical-first time Mortophilia played own songs and only some covers. After that the guitarist Orb and the bassist Orav left the band. Actually, that was a big win for Mortophilia.
September 2002 gave the birth to the first so called "demo" where Con played all the instruments. Those were given to friends and the poor quality mp3s were spreading on the internet.
Meanwhile drummer Con had to pass his military service two guitarist brothers Aivar & Toomas Keermann were used. Rain started to play the bass guitar.
Beginning of 2003 marked a new era for Mortophilia, with Cons brother Kristo joining the band. Mortophilia was now in three piece. Everything went well like an anal-fuck with vaseline, cause Kristo is a very highly talented guitar player. Now Mortophilia was ready for another demo, which was recorded between 11th-15th July at the Kärsins home & at Otepää Culture House. These four tracks bring you to a journey full of really sick fantasies, visions & tastless humour from old propaganda movies. Unfortunately the quality is unbearable…
In May of 2004 new vocalist Aivar Keermann joined the band, Rain continued as a bass player.
In January of 2005 Rain left the band and Mortophilia is searching for the new bassist.
In June of 2005 new demo "Six Grinded Piles" was ready and is still available. July of 2005 Mortophila performed in the biggest metal- festival in Estonia, at Hard Rock Laager.
In June 2006 Kristo decides to left the band.
Band name: Mortophilia
Location: Otepää
Genre: death metal
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Founded: 2000
Aivar Keermann - Vocals Baalsebub
Kert 'Con' Kärsin - Drums
Previous members:
Kristo - Guitar (2003-2006)
Rain - Bass & vocals (2000-2005) Neoandertals
Orav - Bass (2000-2002) Neoandertals
Orb - Guitar (2000-2002)
Six Grinded Piles 2005

1. Hacked Up Alive | mp3
2. Head Hangar | mp3
3. Three Grinded Piles | mp3
4. Suffocated By Semen
5. Feces For Food
6. Brutal Horse

Morbid Dreams in Toxic Steam 2003

1. Morbid Dreams in Toxic Steam
2. Suffocated by Semen
3. Rope Around Throat
4. Head Hangar | mp3

E-mail: con.mort (at)
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