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Instigator of Grief
Instigator of Grief, for friends and fans IOG, was founded in spring 1998. Main members were Magz, Muru and Chopper. First rehearsals took place at Magz' home under the bandname Kryos. No serious activities until Pets joined the band and after that two more members were added in July - Jänes and George. First time the band hit the stage at Põrguwärk in November 1998. After a year of performing live and active creative period IOG was ready to hit the studio. As a tradition for a young prog band they chose Linnahall Studio and soundengineer - no doubt - Elmu Värk. The recordings went smoothly but new problems arised - who will release their first material. After choosing a guest vocalist for the "Ocean Obscures the Ruins of Distress" Chopper decided to leave the band. So, after studio sessions the release was staying in the drawer for about 2 years. Finally after successful negotiations with Guano Records the deal was made in 2002. Meanwhile Jänes parted ways with the band and Urmas took his place. Half a year creating new material the band's music grew from proge-doom to ultra-progressive and Urmas wasn't quite satisfied with the style, as wasn't Chopper when he left the band. Before leaving the band Urmas had chance to play on the Judas Priest coversong "Touch of Evil", vocals on this track were done by George and Madli. So then the band gave some successful gigs in several clubs with new lineup. But because of several conflicts and misunderstandings the band was losing its members and is still in hold with no status. George as the band frontman does have some future plans for IOG so lets hope it all works out fine and they will rise again.
Band name: Instigator of Grief
Location: Tallinn
Genre: heavy metal
Style: Prog-heavy
Founded: 1998
Kadri - Vocal Echosilence
George - Keyboard Kalm, Horricane
Muru - Guitar Catafalc
Veski - Bass Herald
Magz - Drums
Egert - Guitar Herald
Previous members:
Urmas - Guitar, Bass (1999-2001)
Jänes - Guitar (1998-2000)
Chopper - Vocal (1998-2000) Plastic Whore, Ruht
...But Someone Still Plays 2000

1. Intro
2. Hope | mp3
3. Warrior
4. The Enemy
5. Askong for...
6. Children of Fairy-Tales | mp3
7. Last
8. Spellbound
9. The End
10. ...But Someone Still Plays
11. Ocean Obscured the Ruins of Distress

Tracks on compilations:
Worship Judas Priest 2001

1. Touch Of Evil | mp3

E-mail: georgeiog (at)
Last change: 26-01-2005 added band info

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