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Recycle Bin
If it was 1987 - the golden age of glam rock - these five young guys from Tallinn, Estonia, would have greasy mullets, lyrics about "how-Johnny-drank-a-lot-of-whiskey-and-fell-in-love-with-Sandy" would drive young girls (with also extremely ugly haircuts;) crazy and they would probably have a tour with christian-glammers Charizma, visiting all the bigger towns in Estonia?

Luckily it is not the 80's any more. Trends have changed, mullets have been cut off and the criterias of heavy-music have had a huge metamorphosis in the 90's. Some bullocks with red baseball caps have poured some urine on the legacy of Black Sabbath but on the whole extreme music has survived and is better and more diverse than it was ever before.

Recycle Bin - the saviours of Estonian new-wave metal. In 1999 they were just 13-year old kids playing Nirvana and Metallica covers, but year by year they have gained more popularity and also great prizes from the most-respected band-competitions of Estonia (Alo Matiisen Music Days-2000,2001; "Safari Rock"2000,2001; "Lopupidu 2001"; "Noorteband" 2002 - 1st Prize etc). Releasing their first studio-demo "Shut Up" in 2001 provided them a bunch of diehard fans, who voted for them in various TV-shows, and lots of gigs/festivals in different places of the country. In 2002 another demo called "Walls" was recorded and it was a sign of independence and a potential breakthrough. But it was only the beginning?

On the 18th of October 2003, Recycle Bin introduced their first studio album "Incomplete Schizophrenia". 45-minutes of pure f*****g metal provides every listerner with deep emotions and chills running down one's spine. Progressive-touch and supreme guitar-solos create dynamics that can hardly be found in today's music, it's "take-no-prisoners" style gets influences from oldschool thrash era, new wave metalcore (a la Chimaira, Shadows Fall etc) and still retains its original melodic side. The collaboration of very many different styles creates a catharsis and these are not just empty words?"Incomplete Schizophrenia" is the best example how formally different elements can be combined and melted all togeteher into a technically complex maseterpiece that differs greatly from its peers in the industry. Bin's live performance is harsh and brutal and anyone who has been to any of the concerts of over-Estonian "Schizo-tour" can't deny it's intensity.

If it was the 80's, these 5 kids wouldn't probably make glam rock. Recycle Bin's peculiarity stands in their skills of making hard music that is free of trends and stereotypes - you can't find typical "verse-chorus-verse" structure from their music. They are moving contrary against the mainstream and are still successful!

2005-2007 were quite calm for Recycle Bin. They took time off for some time and peformed only on few events which are"exclusive" for themselves. In 2005 they supported Danish metal band Mnemic and gave two contcerts in Latvia. In 2006 they showed up as a special quest's on No Big Silence album presentation contcerts. In 2007 they also performed with Peeter Volkonski on "Estonian president 's reception" in Tartu, Vanemuise and peformend at Estonian metalfest called "Green Christmas".

In 2005 Ats decided to leave the band for personal reasons. Luckily they found a new talented leadsinger (Taavi Holter) with whom the co-work was great from the first moment. Also in 2007 "synts-master" Martin Kuut joined the band.

Presently Recycle Bin is again processing with full power. On July 2008 the singel "In cover of peace" was realeased and currently the band is seeking to record an EP and video .
Band name: Recycle Bin
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: metalcore
Founded: 1999
Taavi Holter - vocals
Robert Vaigla - guitars
Jaan Varts - guitars
Taavi Vunk - bass
Jaagup Tormis - drums
Martin Kuut - synths
Previous members:
Reinis Kampe - synths (2005-2006)
Hans Luik - vocals (1999-2005)
Ants Sarv - vocals (1999)
In cover of peace 2008

1. In cover of peace | mp3

Incomplete Schizophrenia 2003

1. Incomplete
2. Sweet side of heaven
3. Neckless
4. Fucking hardcore software developer | mp3
5. Sonesta | mp3
6. Centrex
7. Digital Slave
8. Walls
9. Cloned
10. Bath for brains
11. Myopia

Other downloads:
  • In cover of peace (2008 singel)
  • Website:
    E-mail: recycle (at)
    Other contacts:
    (+372)56501430 Jaan
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