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Winter Night Overture
Winter Night Overtue was created in abysmal Winter of 1994 in Tallinn, Estonia by guitar-player Sergei Velugin ( ex-Embryoctomy) and Stas Antideus ( vocal ). With the assistance of ex-Embryoctomy drummer Alex, first demo was recorded in summer of 1995 on 12- track studio. Its name was 'Revelation of Blasphemy', featuring 4 songs of about 20 minutes length. The demo has received quite positive responses in diffirent countries, where it have been sent free. Then there was found talented drummer Valery (from ex-Fate Souls band), and the band's abilities to play Evil music has been sufficiently expanded.
The new material was created during the next half of 1995. Then the second guitar-player Erik (ex-Rattler) appeared in the band. With this renewed line-up Winter Night Overture has recorded the new demo 'Incarnated In The Flame'. It was done in Linnahall studio, Tallinn, on 24-track recorder. The music is filled with more volume and atmosphere along with Darkness and Evil. During 1997 some gigs were played in Tallinn, proofing the band's level and gathering the Evil spirits. The time goes on and Darkness enshroud the world. In 1998 Marek of Dawn Of Gehenna has became the second guitar-player instead of Erik. Soon after that, in May of 1998, Winter Night Overture has recorded the new release 'Weapon against the god' . It is real Black Metal, fast and brutal, with no keybords and female vocal. With this Weapon we praise the Eternal Darkness - The Prince Of This World.

This Weapon will help to crush the blinding lies of judeochristian "god". 'Weapon against the god' is released by limited edition as MCD, containing 6 songs of over 20 minutes.

Now Winter Night Overture continues it's destructive work, creating the new Spells of Evil. Be prepared!
Band name: Winter Night Overture
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: black metal
Founded: 1994
Sergei - vocal, guitar Embryoctomy
Valery - drums
Marek - guitar Rattler, Dawn Of Gehenna, Tharaphita, Manatark, Sorts
Martin - bass Must Missa, Manatark
Previous members:
Stas - vocal (2000)
Dmitry - bass (2000)
Weapon Against the God 2001

1. Wind of Darkness
2. Approaching Thunder Storm
3. The Evil Eye
4. A Glow From the Castles of Immortals
5. World of Souls of the Black Hearts
6. The Realization
7. Abysmal Winter Sky*
8. Destruction of Reality*
9. Diluted in Blackness*

Weapon Against the God 1998

1. Wind of Darkness
2. Approaching Thunder Storm
3. The Evil Eye
4. A Glow From the Castles of Immortals
5. World of Souls of the Black Hearts
6. The Realization

Incarnated in the Flame 1996

1. Intro: The Gates
2. Abysmal Wintersky
3. The Inner Endless Darkness
4. Alone Forever
5. Terminate Christianity
6. Destruction of Reality
7. Incarnated in the Flame
8. Diluted in Blackness
9. Outro: Twilight of Soul

Among the Graves 1995

Revelation of Blasphemy 1995

Last change: 28-11-2005 added interview (active from 25.11.2005.)
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