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Vondvort was born in october of 1999, founded by Pagansorts to perform the total hate and disgust against the human kind. It started as one-man solo project. In the year 2000, Skelking joined with the band and became one of the most important groundsel. Also - band got the rehearsal room in Tartu. During the summer joined another two musicians – Brymyth and Askrad. The main idea and end in itself was to stay in UG – area. We didn’t made the high hopes thinking about to be your liking music group or make some concerts.

Most influenced bands were Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Dark Throne, Taake, Bathory.

The First demo tape with four tracks was recorded itself forces in the local ug rehearsal room during the cold winter 2001. Six handnummered copies, named „Black Flame – The Tragedy Of Catharsis” were spread in circle of close friends only.
During 2001, two concerts with another local ug bands. Some new songs was recorded in live session and released as MC „Dethroned In Walpurgisnacht”.

After that members Brymyth and Askrad left the band. The band was holded by 2 members Pagansorts (drums, bass, growling, lyrics), Skelking (guitars, synth). Ideas changed and moved on to a very slow and depressive almost ambient black metal genre. That material was never released.
Band name: Vondvort
Location: Jõgeva
Genre: black metal
Style: black metal
Founded: 1999
Skelking - guitars, synth
Pagansorts - drums, bass, growling, lyrics
Previous members:
Brymyth - bass, keyboard (1999-2001)
Lord Askrad - guitar (1999-2001)
Black Flame - The Tragedy of Catharsis 2001

1. Black Flame
2. Evil
3. Kill to San-Man-Moon
4. The Path to Satan

Dethroned in Walpurgisnacht (live) 2001

1. God Sacrificed to Satan
2. Dethrone the God
3. Ave Satanas!

E-mail: wikingland (at)
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