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The Grey Calamity
The band started in 1992 with the name of Spawngrip, playing mainly death metal. After the recording of a three-track demo (that has never been published) the band changed the name into The Grey Calamity. Besides the name, the band changed also its style of music, having been now the first Estonian band to play black metal.
While at first the music was mainly influenced by Swedish melodic black metal, then later the style went through a regression back to roots of Norwegian metal.
With its full cast the band managed to launch a demo called "Between The Decline And Dawn" in 1994 and give numerous local gigs. In 1996 the band's establishing member, vocalist and guitar player Veiko Rebane left the band. The band operated with two remaining members until 1997. In the same year another demo called "Wooden Crosses" was recorded with cast of Gates (drums, guitar, vocals) and Tanel "The Lord" Langer. The band's last live concert was given with the same cast and a session guitar player. Veiko Rebane was later active in different indie bands, Tanel Langer played bass in D.N.R. and Gates was later a member of Manatark and Loits. At present time Gates is a member of Sorts and Põhjast.
Band name: The Grey Calamity
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: black metal
Founded: 1992   RIP: 1997
Gates - guitar, vocals, drums Thy Lord, Must Missa, Pirit, Loits, Manatark, Sorts
Lord - bass
Previous members:
Veiko Rebane - vocals, guitar (1992-1996)
Wooden Crosses 1997

Between The Decline And Dawn 1994

1. Wordmagic
2. Turm Katharsis | mp3
3. Red-Light Creation of All the Sorrows
4. Only for the Night | mp3
5. Eternal Blind Fear

Tracks on compilations:
Estnische Kriegskameraden 2004

1. Wooden crosses | mp3

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