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The first days of Diversia route back to 1995, when Darja Tanashenko, Lena Mihhejeva and Sergei Kutergin formed such a band. The very first gig was played on the 8th of March, 1996 in “Lindakivi” cultural centre. After the gig the band decided to perform that day every following year.
After a year, the drummer left Diversia for a band called Tallinn. A new drummer was found in Denis Jefimov. At the same time a second guitar-player and backing vocalist Anastasia Jung joined the band. With this line-up they played a lot of gigs in local rock clubs like Rio, Muti Club and Burevestnik.
For a while Diversia had a pretty productive period, during which they wrote most of their basic material. Then, expectedly, the bass-player and again the drummer quit, which brought a nasty, lazy era to Diversia’s activity.
Total disaster was imminent, when finally the band found a new bass player Olga Elson and also a drummer Sergei Tashajev, with whom they gigged after a long time on the 10th of October, 1997 in club “Krevetka”, a gig meant to celebrate the band's rebirth as well as Darja’s birthday. About a month later, a similar event took place there, this time in honour of Nastja and Olga.
Sticking to the steadfast tradition, some months later Olga left the band and a new bass-player Julia Kukuruza was recruited. The goodbye gig for Olga was held on the 8th of February, 1998 in club WOG.
On 9th of April, 1998… no comments… another goodbye gig, this time for the drummer; also the first gig with Julia. Soon, a new drummer called Scott was found. He kept up the good work until July of 1999. During that last year the band toured all over Estonia, becoming quite famous and also managing to record three songs: "Rain Song", "Last Astral Dream" and "Come Back". After that Scott left.
Band name: Diversia
Location: Tallinn
Genre: heavy metal
Style: heavy metal
Founded: 1995   RIP: 2000
Darja - guitar, vocal
Nastja - guitar
Julia - bass
Elina - keyboard
Jura - drums
Previous members:
Scott - Drums (1998-1999)
Olga Elson - Bass (1997-1998)
Sergei Tashajev - Drums (1997-1998) off.season
Sergei Kutergin - Drums (1995-1997) Sugarfree
Denis Jefimov - Drums (1997)
demo 1999

1. Rain Song | mp3
2. Last Astral Dream | mp3
3. Come Back | mp3

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