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Dawn Of Gehenna
Dawn Of Gehenna was founded on the ashes of Estonia's (probably) first doom metal band Mystique, active in the late 80s. By the year 1993 only the drummer Aiku had remained from the original line-up. Not willing to turn from the chosen path, he put together a new death-doom combo comprised mainly of the members of Predatory War and Mortified. After the recording of a rehearsal demo in early 1994 the band was renamed Dawn Of Gehenna. The first official and, for over a decade, the only material released by the band was recorded in 1994 in an 8-track studio in Pärnu. After a number of gigs around Estonia and one in Latvia the lead guitarist chose to quit and the band began to slowly sink into oblivion around the end of the 90s, only to be furiously reanimated in 2003 for an under-underground event Laitse Rock. Soon after DOG opened for the Finnish saviours of doom Reverend Bizarre. Having canted their style towards more traditional old school doom rock, the band gave a few more gigs, incidentally opening in May 2004 for Nightwish at their exclusive tour-opening event in Tallinn.

Demo/promo CD-R "The Night Dog Sessions" is available since June 10, 2005. You can downlaod an mp3 of the opening track "Tähist ja tolmust" plus the English version of the same called "Of Stars And Dust" as well as the English version of "Mina, Atlantis" (I, Atlantis). English versions are not included on the actual CD-R; they're only available online as mp3-s on this page under "Other downloads".

The CD-R demo "The Night Dog Sessions" is exclusively distributed by Nailboard Records (

In November of 2005, Dawn Of Gehenna spawned a sub-band called Taak that plays the same music, only all in Estonian. Dawn Of Gehenna continues – with English lyrics. In a way the songs "I, Atlantis" and "Of Stars And Dust" (or the online section of the last demo available on this page) are the demo of Dawn Of Gehenna, while the Estonian part now serves as introduction to Taak.

In spring of 2007, some of the material from Taak's "Koerapööriöö" sessions was remixed on analogue technology which, combined with freshly recorded English lyrics, resulted in a promo/demo CD-R "Doom Enclave". About 200 copies were freely distributed to the curious (and the people wearing the "right" T-shirts, he-he) at the Roadburn 2007 festival in Tilburg, Holland. The rest will be sent to labels, so the disk can't actually be bought. If you believe you have a good enough reason to own one, please feel free to get in touch.

Doom on!
Band name: Dawn Of Gehenna
Location: Tallinn
Genre: doom metal
Style: doom rock
Founded: 1993
Andrus 'Anz' Rohula - drums Taak
Kaido 'Tsunami' Tiits - guitar Predatory War, Mortified
Mart Kalvet - vocals Mortified, Whispering Forest, Ecthalion, Herald, Nitrous, Taak
Kristjan 'Christ' Virma - keyboards Kalm, Whispering Forest, Solwaig, Taak
Urmas Jõgi - guitar Taak
Ott 'Otipowitch' Oras - bass Herald, Taak
Previous members:
Aivar 'Aiku' Leimann - drums (1989-2006)
Tauno Saar - bass (session) (2005)
Raivo Piirsalu - bass (1993-2004) Predatory War, Tanka, Solwaig, Human Ground
Benton - guitar (1995-2004) Rattler, Winter Night Overture, Tharaphita, Manatark, Sorts
Kadri Leimann - keyboards (1994-2000)
Ank - guitar (session) (1996) C.C.C., Discrucior, Forfeit, Tharaphita, Must Missa, Meinardus, Sorts, Suppuration
Doom Enclave 2007

1. Doom Enclave | mp3
2. Tidal Wave (of Airless Choking Dreams)
3. Just Jack | mp3
4. The Red Snake
5. The Moth

The Night Dog Sessions 2005

1. Tähist ja tolmust | mp3
2. Ööliblikas
3. Mina, Atlantis
4. Öö
5. Üksinda

The Old 1994

1. The Summer Lightning | mp3
2. The Dandelion Aeon | mp3
3. Interlude: Antigone
4. Thy Night
5. Dark Side Of the Earth
6. Departure

Other downloads:
  • I, Atlantis
  • Katharsis (1995 mix)
  • Of Stars And Dust
  • E-mail: mart (at)
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  • Witchfinder General
  • Taak @ MySpace
  • Whispering Forest
  • Last change: 25-04-2007 changed band info
    Band has 2 reviews.

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