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GROM is satanic black-metal band hailing from Tallinn. Formed in 1997 this collective has suffered several line-up changes during its dark existence, despite that the founding member Vaal Nehristj remains band's leading force and mastermind. In 2002 band released its first demo CD called "Прах Небес" ("Ashes of Heaven"). Once primitive and straightforward raw black-metal art evolved into more rhythmically and melodically complex musical alloy with death- and thrash-metal elements. GROM lyrics are in Russian dealing with topics like Misanthropy, Death and worshipping Dark Forces of Evil and Chaos.
During the summer of 2012 reinforced GROM was working on a new six-track demo called "Царство Чумы" ("Reign of Plague") which
will be released by Hexenreich Records in October 2012.
Band name: Grom
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: satanic black metal
Founded: 1997
Vaal Nehristj - guitars, vocals
Forhekset - scythe bass Mater Tenebra
Necrovlad - guitars Ecthalion, Bestia, Head Not Found
Previous members:
Unholy Goat - drums (2009)
Hannes - drums (2004-2008)
Kaval Ants - guitars (2004-2006) Bestia
Art - lead guitars (2002) Bestia, Kamaloka
Ljonja - drums (1997-2002)
Dimon - bass (1997-2000) Deilegium
Царство Чумы 2012

1. Цепеш / Tepes
2. Смерть Человеческой Расы / Death of Human Race
3. Трон Чернобога / The Throne of Chernobog
4. Царство Чумы / Reign of Plague
5. Зов Наступающей Тьмы / The Call of Coming Darkness
6. Лорд Хаоса / Chaos Lord

Прах Небес 2002

1. Царство Чумы
2. Прах Небес
3. Зов Наступающей Тьмы
4. Возвращение Древних

E-mail: evil.tankist (at)
Other contacts:
53476348 Vaal
56493284 Forhekset
Last change: 12-11-2012 added new release
Band has 1 news.

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