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Meinardus is a metal group from Estonia. Definition of our music is very simple - straightforward and crushing pure old school black metal! Meinardus was born in the end of 1998, founded by Enthorn (guitar) and Arombard (guitar). Soon Thyposes (bass/vocals) Crom (drums) and Cannibal (synth/vocals) joined. In March 1999 Meinardus made its first live performance. In the autumn of 1999, the debut demo "Ohvrid nende altaril" ("Offerings On Their Altar") was released. In January 2000 Arombard joined the army, but the band moved on, and in February entered a studio to record a two track EP "Sinu Haual" ("On Your Grave"). After that the band played some concerts and wrote some tunes of new hellish noise. In May 2000 the first album "In the Dawn Of Dark Kingdom" was released, containind also the two tracks from “Sinu Haual” EP. In August Ank joined Meinardus as a session member. In January 2001 Arombard renewed his duties as a guitarist. In September 2001 the band took a little rest, as the drummer Crom joined the army. In May 2002, when Crom was back, Meinardus went to a studio again to record a new demo material. But the demo (“Servant Of the Unholy”) was not released. In the summer Arombard took time off with Meinardus and Ank joined the band again. August 2002 was tragic for Meinardus - the band’s founder Enthorn died. The band nearly split up, but then a decision was made - Meinardus has to move on! Arombard joined the band again, but in the first half of 2003 there were some more line-up changes. Cannibal (now known as I. Marras) and Thyposes left the band. Ank joined again, and in August 2003 Meinardus got a new member Axe. In autumn 2003 the band started recording a new demo called “Christendom’s Perdition”. In 16th may 2004 Meinardus released "Christendom´s Perdition" demo.
Band name: Meinardus
Location: Rakvere
Genre: black metal
Style: raw, straightforward black metal
Founded: 1998
Ank - vocal/guitar C.C.C., Discrucior, Forfeit, Dawn Of Gehenna, Tharaphita, Must Missa, Sorts, Suppuration
Crom - drums Marras
A.X.E - bassguitar Tharaphita, Marras
Arombard - guitar
Previous members:
Thyposes - vocal/bassguitar (1998-2003)
Cannibal - vocal/synth (1998-2003)
Enthorn - guitar (1998-2002)
Christendom`s Perdition 2004

1. Intro – Into the Mass
2. Lifehater
3. Epoch of Mass Destruction
4. Nightfear
5. Christendom`s Perdition | mp3
6. Servant of the Unholy
7. God Will Suffer
8. Into the Hands of Satan
9. Lord of Depths
10. War Rituals | mp3
11. Outro – Out of Blood and Flesh

In The Dawn Of Dark Kingdom 2000

1. 100% Against Christianity
2. Metsavalitsejad
3. The Past
4. Must Isand
5. Burning Land | mp3
6. Kuis On Vaprad Sõjas Langenud Ja Sõjariistad Hukka Saanud | mp3
7. Screaming Silence

Ohvrid Nende Altaril 1999

1. Black Death | mp3
2. Pimeduse Ordu
3. Nosferatu
4. Ohver Nende Altaril | mp3

Tracks on compilations:
Hauatagused Karjed vol. 1 2004

1. Nightfear | mp3

E-mail: arombard (at)
Other contacts:
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