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Irdhing was founded in the autumn of 1999. Chartered members were Dr. Peerox (bass), Imp (guitar), Heiki (drums) and Rain (vocals). In the beginning the band didn't have a name. The genre was pagan metal. In January 2000 Dr. Peerox was recruited into the Estonian army. A little bit later he was replaced by Kaivo, who left the band in the same year. In the year 2000 drummer Moritz joined the band. He played until the January of 2001. In January 2001 Dr. Peerox returned. He switched from bass to guitar and brought some techinicality to the music. The bassist called Doomhand became a new member of the band in the January of 2001. Since there was no drummer, a tough decision was made – the drums had to be electronically pre-recorded, as well as the synthesizer. The band chose a name in August 2001 and performed live the first time in Tallinn at a bar called Bremen. At the end of the year and during the next year several gigs took place. Irdhing opened for the legendary Gunnar Graps and the Blues Band in Haapsalu and performed at an HRC-organized live at Nõmme Cult. The Mutionu Pidu live event at club Athena in Haaspalu was recorded and self-released as a CD-R promo bootleg. Altogether 9 concerts were given in Haapsalu, Tallinn and Tartu. During that period the music became affected by industrial and folk. Irdhing disbanded in the end of 2002 because of financial problems, stylistic discords and a cleaving within the band.
Band name: Irdhing
Location: Haapsalu
Genre: black metal
Style: pagan folk industrial black metal
Founded: 1999   RIP: 2002
Rain - vocal
Dr. Peerox - guitar
Imp - guitar Surrogoat
Doomhand - bass Nihilistikrypt
Previous members:
Moritz - drums (2000-2001)
Kaivo - bass (2000)
Heix - drums (1999)
Live at club Athena 2002

1. Muinaslahingväljadel
2. Irdhinged
3. Reeturlus
4. Läänemere maru
5. Ristiretk
6. Sõjamarss | mp3
7. Muinaslahingväljadel (lisalugu) | mp3

Tracks on compilations:
Hauatagused Karjed vol.1 - Estonian Extreme Underground Metal Compilation 2004

1. Reeturlus
2. Sõjamarss

Other contacts:
Last change: 25-11-2004 added interview (active from 18.12.2004.)
Band has 1 interview.

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