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Nekropol was formed in May 1989 by Urmas Valge and Sigvard Rätte. The band started out as a heavy metal band, then evolved into a speed-thrash metal band. Over the next year, the band went through many different guitarists, vocalists and bassists. By the summer of 1990, Urmas and Sigvard were in the same situation as in May 1989.

Finally, in August 1990, they found a person who fit in the band just right, singer Olavi Mändre. Also, their musical style changed into death-metal. In the spring of 1991, Urmas’s long-time friend Ard Kreutzberg joined the band as their bass player.

In September of 1991 Nekropol had their first gig, in Tartu, at “Raudteelaste Kultuurimaja” in the musical event “Kalapäevad” with bands like Psühhoterror, J.M.K.E., Under Taker, Ascent, Flytrap, Aggressor, Shower, etc.

In the beginning of 1992, Martin Klesment joined the band as lead guitarist. Unfortunately, bassist Ard Kreutzberg decided to leave the band around the same time, for personal reasons. The musical style of Nekropol evolved at this time into the more melodic style of doom-death metal.

Nekropol continued putting on gigs, with bands such as Macbeth, Bizarre, Ara Pacis and Hell Tanner, among others, with quite good success although without a bass player. Having enough material, they decided to record their first (and only) studio recording. Nekropol’s first MC was recorded in May 1993 at Tartu’s studio Heli Jälg, by sound engineer Rein Vilt. It was recorded and mixed quickly, in 24 hours, due to lack of money.

In August 1993, Sigvard Rätte moved to Finland and Urmas Värnik took over as the new drummer of Nekropol.

To be continued...
Band name: Nekropol
Location: Tartu
Genre: death metal
Style: Doom-Death Metal
Founded: 1989   RIP: 1998
Olavi Mändre - Vocals
Martin Klesment - Lead Guitar
Urmas Valge - Rhythm Guitar
Urmas Värnik - Drums Ludificatio Daemonium, Fordonia, Sons of Belial
Allan Heidemann - Keyboard
Raavo Salumäe - Bass
Previous members:
Sigvard Rätte - Drums (1989-1993)
Ard Kreutzberg - Bass (1991-1992)
Messenger Of Fallen Angel 1993

1. Intro
2. Devil Empire
3. The Bells Of Burial
4. Called At My Grave | mp3
5. Messenger Of Fallen Angel | mp3
6. Satan Force | mp3
7. This Is My Way
8. Beyond The Acheron

E-mail: messengeroffallenangel (at)
Last change: 18-02-2006 edited biography

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