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The prehistory of the band is the year 1990, when Sergey Shelepov and Mark Khekht, the students at Tallinn Technical School, have met together. Inspired by the common idea of organising a thrash-band they decided to start it. In February 1991 it was given a name POSTMORTEM. Sergey encouraged his former schoolmate Aleksey Sannikov to play bass-guitar, the position that he later accepted. Due to the joint efforts they built up a solid staff, and began to work together, as that to look for the place for rehersals, obtaining the instruments, but in fact in many cases that ended up at having just an ardent desire to play in a band.
By March 24th, 1991 two songs were ready, and the first rehearsal was to held at Mark's place. They brought up Denis Shelepov, Sergey's brother, to play drums. He was only 11 and therefore hardly understood what he should do, even at the point that the drums were quite simple as there empty boxes, a real high-hat and a pioneer drum as a solo drum. Sergey had a usual acoustic guitar with a microphone, installed inside and plugged to the tape-recoder. Aleksey, however, had an actual bass Orhpeus violin shaped. After spending some time coaching they made hallmark recordings of three of their compositions, namely, later called "Rotten Communism", the instrumental "Fly Away" and "By Plan" (the cover of GRAZHDANSKAYA OBORONA (CIVIL DEFENCE), the Russian punk band). The texts were all in Russian. In fact that was all much primitive, reflecting mostly at punk, rather than thrash. Neverthless, the date March 24 1991 has been recognised as a Birth date of the band.
The very day they got a complain from Mark's parents in regards of a loud music. Since then the rehearsals were held regularly. Almost inexperienced at guitar playing Sergey and Aleksey did their best to achieve something more concrete. Denis tried to get a stable rythm, Mark shouted like insane into the microphone and the rehearsals ended up were started: lost rythm, unrestarined beat and four-voice scream. Soon the problems with the parents and neighbours arised, and guys were to leave. They moved to Sergey's place, where the same story happened. Later they settled at the basement of Sergey's house, neglecting the complains of the neighbours. They let themselves free, and were prevented by the Police warrant. After a while they occupied the place at the storage of some enterprise together with another punk band. They were able to have rehearsals only on Sundays, but in a month, the hosts kicked them out of the place, being arrogated by not only an incomprehensible wild music but by the drinking-bout. However, the rehearsals were still held regularly at Sergey's place until July 91, when they got serious warnings. They were discouraged by the fact of the impossibility of having the rehearsals. A constantly terrorised enthusiasm faded away. Aleksey left the band. It seemed like everything was lost.
Time went, Sergey and Denis invented new compositions and have been reharsing at home, until in September 1992, when Sergey and his friend Yury Zhuchkov got together (they first tried to play together in 1990) and this brought an immediate change. Jury organized a rehearsal spot, where the band was allowed to play when even they like. The band obtained a professional equipment and thus all the problems were solved. Sergey played bass,when Yury an guitar. When Yury entered the band the style has been changed into the aggressive thrash mixed with death. This was the time when POSTMORTEM found itself and put both feet on the ground.
The first concert was held on 31 December 1992 at the studio, where the audience and critics were only friends of the band. The final of 1992 was a day of establishment of a new band.
On 21 February '93, on a date of Mark's Birthday POSTMORTEM made their first studio recording. They planned to record 2-3 soungs during 6 hours. However with a lack of studio work they managed to record only one "Nightmare Again", which was the first demo of the band. Mark brought this demo to the organizers of the "Rock In" festival. After awhile POSTMORTEM has been invited to open the festival. It has been their first on-stage concert,held on 8 May 1993 in Tallinn club "326". The band has draw the attention and later on it has been invited over and over again to perform at different clubs in Tallinn. In August 1993 in Parnu-Jaagupi at the festival of Estonian death-metal bands "Death-Action Festival" out of 12 bands POSTMORTEM has been claimed the best among with two another bands.
On 8 January 1994 for the last time Mark performed with the band as a vocalist. Mark didn't want to play the extreme music. The music tastes were different with three another members and Mark decided to form his own band. Sergey deputised him on vocals. Soon the band invited a solo guitarist Dmitry "Butcher" Samorukov from EROSION. His debut coincided with POSTMORTEM's first concert filming by Estonian National Television. As Dmitry began playing in the band the music got a instrumental melodical shade. The concert was held on 23 April 1994 in "RET" club. Oleg Gromov, a camera-man, who was filming the event suggested to make a video charge-free. The guys from the band were much inspired. they collecetd the money, on 4th of the july they recorded the second demo "Prince Of Darkness" with intro and outro on the keyboards. After two months they met with the camera-man, paid him for his job and began filming. 10 hours have been filmed to make the video for 6 minutes, but have never been edited. Gromov refused to complete the project and to give out the film to the band.
25 February 1995 Yury Zhuchkov for the last time appears on stage with POSTMORTEM. The reason was a serious misunderstanding between Yury and Butcher, by the way on this concert Mark Khekht has been played on keyboards(!).
The same February they found a new guitarman Sven Narits, Dmitry's old friend. The rehearsals went on until summer. On 25 june 1995 Sven had his debute with POSTMORTEM on the open stage of the most famous gig's place of all Tallinn rock and metal bands at Harjumagi (Harju Hill). This was the time when the live audiotape "Live on the Top" was recorded. The same summer POSTMORTEM performed several concerts. In a half a year POSTMORTEM began making the preparations for the album recording. On 21-23 of the March 1996 in Parnu they recorded "Bloody Justice Comes...", which included 8 tracks. By the end of year 1996 this tape has been distributed for sale all over the Baltics. Right after the album release the band had a tour over Estonia with VIGILIA MORTUM (a death-metal band from Kohtla-Jarve)...
Band name: Postmortem
Location: Tallinn
Genre: progressive metal
Style: Progressive Death Metal
Founded: 1991
VIktor Spoda - Drums
Thomas - Lead Guitar
Sergei Shelepov - Guitar Rattler, My Ritual
Denis Shelepov - Bass Deilegium, Sugarfree, Tanka, My Ritual, Smashed Nail Sister
Previous members:
The Call Of The Sea 2001

1. Intro: The Call Of The Sea
2. Midnight Execution
3. No Peace
4. Bitter Tears
5. Before The Battle
6. Raise Your Sword
7. The Sea: From Beyond
8. Blowing Waves
9. Dream
10. Screaming Agony
11. Into The Convent
12. The Ocean

The Call Of The Sea 1998

1. Intro: The Call Of The Sea
2. Midnight Execution
3. No Peace
4. Bitter Tears
5. Before The Battle
6. Raise Your Sword
7. The Sea: From Beyond
8. Blowing Waves
9. Dream

Bloody Justice Comes... 1996

1. Intro: Postmortem
2. Drowned In Dirt
3. Mentally Insane
4. Souls Tyranny
5. Exile
6. Prince Of Darkness
7. Decomposition
8. Farewell Melody

Tracks on compilations:
Best Metal Hits #2 2004

1. Farewell Melody

Dead Zeppelin - Tribute to Led Zeppelin 2000

1. The Ocean

Church Of The Devil - Tribute to King Diamond 2000

1. Into the Covenant

Tales Of Ancient Lakes 1998

1. No Peace

Akom Sampler 10 1997

1. Exile

E-mail: postmortem (at)
Other contacts:
fax +372 635 666 7
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