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Carnifex was formed in the April of 1993, when the
current guitarist Kaspar joined a project of Kristian and
Risto Sülluste, drummer Jaan and guitarist Silver. Since
it was decided to take it a bit more seriously, Kristian
took up the vocals and Silver left the band to become
involved in the business side of music. It was a major
leap for a band of highschool students that soon became
titulated "more or less the bookmark of estonian thrash-
metal", although the style has took a radical change,
compared to these times.

After a year Kristian decided to dedicate himself to guitar
playing, so Kaido (Draconic) who had written lyrics to
some of Carnifex's songs, was invited to the band in the
May of 1994. Having vocal experience only in some
schoolrock bands (i.e. none whatsoever), it took time
before the concert with the current line-up was given. But
according to some music-critics it was "the best metal
event of the week".

In the January of 1995, the band decided to record their
first demo in a cheap studio of Pärnu. Although a demo
with four tracks called "Searching" was released, only a
limited amount was distributed to close circle of friends
due to the totally unsatisfactory quality.

In the September of 1996, having learned from the
"Searching" experience, the band decided to make
another studio effort, and record two new tracks (thus
focusing on quality rather than quantity). How it turned
out, should be for you to be judged and perhaps enjoyed.
It is the official release of March 1997, called "Oceans of
Marble", comprising some live and rehearsed material,
bound together by a massive trip of noise. All the tapes
are packed in unique hand-made boxes.

In the April of 1999 Carnifex finished a promo demo,
called "Poison Art", which is heavily influenced by
progressive rock and metal, at the same time retaining
the agressive and somewhat psychedelic atmosphere. It
is recorded in extremely harsh conditions - only with two
tapedecks and a mixing console, no mixing, no punching
of tracks, all recorded in real-time, but the result is much
more satisfactory, than any of the previous studio efforts.

Carnifex is now called Kantor Voy. Thanks to all for years of
support and we hope you can adjust yourselves to the
world of our new music! Browse to the new site for
samples of our music and fresh information!
Band name: Carnifex
Location: Tallinn
Genre: progressive metal
Style: progressive death metal
Founded: 1993   RIP: 2003
Risto Sülluste - bass Reincremation, Kantor Voy
Kaspar Torn - guitar Kantor Voy
Kristian Sülluste - guitar Kantor Voy
Jaan Liinat - drums Herald, Kantor Voy
Draconic - vocals Tharaphita, Loits, Manatark, Kantor Voy
Previous members:
Poison Art 1999

1. Poison Art | mp3
2. The Beast Within | mp3
3. Shades of Portal
4. The Sickening | mp3

Oceans of Marble 1997

1. Oceans of Marble
2. As One
3. Noisebound

Searching 1995

1. Disciple Condemned
2. Searching
3. Ancestral Rites
4. Eon

Tracks on compilations:
Worship Judas Priest 2001

1. Rocka Rolla | mp3

E-mail: kaspartorn (at)
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