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Big Tasty
2000 a small larvae started it's life in a center of an orange. A regular orange, not anything too fancy or special, but boy was it tasty. The larvae grew and grew while eating it's way out of it's tasty, but a bit claustrophobic home, to enter the world as a full grown leech. Full of lust for new and oranges, he headed out into the wild, moving slowly but surely, from orange grove to another, avoiding being stomped or trampled from adventure to adventure. One day, he will get wings and fly amongst the whales. And while no one is quite sure when, the monkey keeps telling it will not take long, it will not take long.
Band name: Leech
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: alternative
Founded: 2000
Erik - Drums Loom
Ivo - Guitar
Magnus - Bass
Rainer - Vocal Ruht
Previous members:
Kalle - Bass (2000-2001)
Tram-O-Gram 2007

1. Jinn | mp3
2. Tram-O-Gram
3. Solar Kid
4. Five Frag Combo | mp3
5. Monkeysphere
6. Poerfields
7. Populous
8. Aftermath
9. Dark Horse
10. Timetravel

Powerfields 2006

1. Powerfields (Studio Live) | mp3

Disconnected 2003

1. Disconnected
2. Disconnected (Bongirl Remix)
3. Disconnected (Galaktlan Remix)
4. Disconnected (Dj Afronoise Remix)
5. Dis-kaan-nected (Dj 4-got-10 Remix)

  • Studio video for Baltic New Music Chart ( )
  • Website:
    E-mail: leech (at)
    Other contacts:
    GSM 0 (372) 56 21 61 29
    Last change: 09-11-2007 new gig announced

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