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Misdeed was a one-of-a-kind death metal act in Estonia.. The band started at december 1992. Klim as the founder of the band asked Creator to team up. After some rehearsing the crew didn't feel right to Klim and Creator was replaced with new guitarist Till. Along with Till came drummer Abrukas. After half a year songwriting and tough practicing it was time to hit the studio and in the middle of 1993 first demo with two crushing songs was released. After the recording the first gig took place with band called Graveside and tens of live performances after that in club 326 and La Rocco. In the end of October 1993 Miseed recorded their first and last full-lenght material in Townhall Studio under Indrek Patte. In the summer of 1994 took place Lithuanian metal-festival Gods of War and Misdeed represented the Estonian scene. Meanwhile the band had an activity crisis and after a change of musical idols the band changed their style. New song "Isolation" was recorded at 1995 sounding more like Pantera, with clean vocal and quite nu-metalish guitar riffs. According to the statments of band members the highlight of the Misdeed was during the 1993-1995: lot of touring, performing, lot a alcohol and other common things to a metal band.
Band name: Misdeed
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Founded: 1992   RIP: 1995
Till - Guitar Mortified
Abrukas - Drums Rattler, Killemboth, Khillem
Klim - Vocals
Previous members:
Creator - Guitar (1992) Rattler
Isolation 1995

1. Isolation | mp3

Diabolism 1993

1. Satanic Reprisal
2. Blasphemation
3. I´m Posessed
4. Mortification Of The Flesh | mp3
5. Evil Gives Birth To Evil
6. Christian Lies | mp3
7. Living Among The Dead
8. Profanity

Mortification Of The Flesh 1993

1. Blasphemation | mp3
2. Mortification Of The Flesh

Tracks on compilations:
Eesti Pop #13 „La Rocco Metal Special“ 2005

1. Mortification Of The Flesh

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