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Imagine... a dark room. You’re sitting in a chair, bound and gagged. You think it’s a basement... or an attic. Suddenly a spotlight appears in the middle of the room and a vision of Lemmy from Motörhead and Lou from Sick Of It All jammin' togeteher formulates onto your eye’s retina. Dave Grohl and Dimebag Darrell are smoking their last joint in the corner and Page Hamilton is tuning his guitar. Unexpectedly, the amps are plugged in and the NOISE can reach your ears…

You’re sitting in a chair, bound and gagged…and the volume is turned up after every minute…but you’re starting to enjoy it. A deep penetration combined of the vocal breakdown of Motörhead, crushing riffs of the 90’s era hard-rock and power-speed-energy of modern rock’n’roll, Loom is one of the outstanding bands in Estonian hard rock scene. Their middle-finger-attitude towards everything and everyone is synthesized into wall-crushing metal music that has been very succesful and gathered hundreds of fans in Estonia and even Latvia. Since 2000 they have made a number of different concerts “moshable” and shared stages with such bands as No Big Silence, Pedigree, J.M.K.E., Forgotten Sunrise, Blind and their good colleagues from Latvia – F[EI]K. In 2001 Loom got promoted with an award “Best Young Band Of the Year” and a year later with "Golden Record 2002" award in the category of the best new-comer of 2001. All this progress has led to Loom’s first studio record, which is going to be released very soon. 38 minutes of music provides i’s listeners with in-your-f`****g-face riffage, apalling melodies and even retrospective solos that look back at the golden-age of glam-rock and the 1990s heavyweights like Pantera and Machine Head. An intriguing combination, isn’t it?

Lemmy, Dave, Lou and Dimebag are packing up their gear….the show is over... but you wish it hadn’t finished so early.

Fjodor Polt @ alternative press
Band name: Loom
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: Hard-rock
Founded: 2000
Sick - Voc+bass
Marx - guitar Pedigree, Against the Day
Voss - drums
Erik - guitar Bloodrain
Previous members:
Nygma - drums (2003-2005) Leech
Dag - guitar (2000-2004)
Juhan - guitar (2003-2004) Bloodrain, Zeromantic
Max - drums (2002-2003)
Ott - guitar/bass (2002-2003)
Joel - bass (2002-2003)
Kivi - bass (2000-2002) Pedigree
Ahven - drums (2000-2002)
Twsh - turntables (2000-2001)
The Sick Experience 2004

1. 24 Hours
2. Shining
3. Switch
4. U-Turn
5. Something To Hide
6. Who's In Charge?!
7. Spiritual Madness
8. Polyester Skin
9. Time
10. Pictures

E-mail: margussikk (at)
Last change: 12-03-2007 added interview (active from 12.3.2007.)
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