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MORIGAN cynical™ (cynical thrash-metal)
The band was re-formed in 2003 although it's true history dates back to 1998.
With speed and fierce personality they crawl under your skin and enhance the musical experience to another level. The band has gone through changes over time and seems to have accomplished its true force in the course of nature.
Undoubtedly, one of MORIGAN's special traits is the long-awaited female vocalist. Well, eventually she found MORIGAN for she was the one to make the offer. ;) Around the world there are a lot of ladies occupying draconian vocals, but in Estonia there are only a handful.
Seven years of making music has cost the band two great drummers only giving the opportuninty to start working with the current drummer Rauno Veeroja, who has given both to the music and the band his very special touch and garnish.
The very last founding member, Jaanus (Jihad) Ehte, left in May 2006, and was replaced by Ivo Kelmsaar. In spring 2010 a young and promising guitar hero from Tartu based band Iron Cobra, changed places with Jaanus (Jihad) Ehte who was announced as a replacement to fill the second guitarist space just few months ago.
MORIGAN started to produce their long awaited debut album in 2008 and was released on 12th of May 2009 under Thrashmark Records. Consisting of seven songs and one remix album "Cynical™" embodies the feelings of the style defining period.
MORIGAN's music is about life itself. Lyrics are inspired by emotions and experiences of the band members themselves. Every song spiced with enough cynical and sarcastic elements inteprets the world we live in.
The name MORIGAN originally comes from the word Morrigan. Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. One of the greatest "negative" archetypical mothergoddesses of the Irish celtic. She is a goddess of war, death, prophecy and passionate love.

Last updated: 05/05/2009
Band name: Morigan
Location: Tartu
Genre: thrash metal
Style: melodic thrash metal
Founded: 1998
Mari-Liis (KuriMari) Jaksobson - Vocals
Elar (Dark) Kalda - Guitar
Hermann Eensaar - Guitar
Hendrik (Hendric) Haljas - Bass
Rauno Veeroja - Drums
Previous members:
Jaanus (Jihad) - Guitar (2009)
Ivo (Iff) - Rhythm guitar (2006-2009)
Con - Drums (session) (2005)
Martin - Drums (2003-2005)
Raul - Bass (2003-2005)
Cynical™ 2009

1. Quarantine
2. Some Sweet Lullaby | mp3
3. Amity
4. Hsshhhhhhh
5. Invasion of Killer Grannies
6. Imperial
7. Cyberman | mp3
8. Cyberman (Hypermodel remix)

Nameless 2000

1. Among The Eternal Fire
2. Angels are Burning Like Candle
3. Let the Wind of Darkness Blow Forever
4. Thousand Years in Darkness
5. Nameless

Among The Eternal Fire 1999

1. Among The Eternal Fire
2. Angels are Burning Like Candle

Tracks on compilations:
Best of Tartu Rock 2008

1. Cyberman | mp3

Hauatagused karjed vol.1 - Estonian extreme underground metal compilation 2004

1. 8. Angels are Burning Like Candel

  • Album presentation 29-05-2009
  • Other downloads:
  • Morigan - Cynical™ - Cyberman mp3
  • Morigan - Cynical™ - Some Sweet Lullaby mp3
  • Website:
    E-mail: info (at)
    Other contacts:
    gsm: +37256617760
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