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Symbolic State
SYMBOLIC STATE is a true ear-candy for all old school Death Metal maniacs, yet no-one can call what they do a pointless cloning or a hackneyed rehash. Guitar riffs vary from Dismember-like harsh melodies to brutal pounding à la Suffocation. Tempoes alternate in an interesting manner and everything is powerfully topped off with good and proper Death Metal vocals.
The band started in 1999 as SCAVENGER – a monicker under which they managed to release two demos ("THE ENTRANCE" and "GOATTREND") and snatch a small-scale deal with FATAL FORUM PRODUCTION that released both as a tape album called "KEEPER OF THE KNOWLEDGE".
In 2002 SCAVENGER changed its name to SYMBOLIC STATE for the simple reason that there were already too many bands named SCAVENGER. Still with exactly the same line-up SYMBOLIC STATE recorded its debut album "BY ABSTRACT WORDS" and decided to self-release it. By now it's nearly sold out.
An interesting fact about the band is that three of the five members are career militaries, which proves that Death Metal can be played while serving in the Army.

Written by Mart Kalvet 2004
Band name: Symbolic State
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: death metal
Founded: 2002   RIP: 2007
Stig - guitar / vocal Discrucior, Forfeit, Scavenger, Goresoerd
Omar - drums Scavenger
Mairold - bass / vocal Scavenger
Kari - guitar Scavenger, Goresoerd
Alar - vocal Connatural Terror
Previous members:
Circle Of Dogmatic Perversions 2004

1. Cold District In The Hollows
2. Inquisition
3. Dogmatic
4. The Divination | mp3

By Abstract Words 2002

1. Feverdream (prelude)
2. All Nights Spread
3. Empty Space
4. The Perfect Day (chapter: revelations)
5. Heaven-born (the entrance pt. III)
6. No Angels For Send
7. Zero Point Murder
8. ...For Instance (core of inimical chaos)
9. Not Without The Senses (chapter: suicide)
10. By Abstract Words
11. Hunting The Lies
12. Captured & Confined (chapter pain: ghosts of pain)

E-mail: symbolicstate (at)
Other contacts:

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