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Active since 2000, Herald have brought the heavy metal spirit back to Estonian metal scene. Their catching live shows, adroit use of instruments and thought-provoking lyrics have equally successfully incited the interest and respect of teenage rockers as well as 30-something metal veterans. Band members, several of whom have got both local and foreign audiences headbanging with their other bands, are bound by love towards uncompromising thrashy heavy metal and their will to share it with the rest of the world. Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast!

March 5, 2000 — Egert (guitar) and Mart Veski (bass) start a Heavy Metal band with no name.

October 2000 — The trio with Rajakas on drums, Mart Veski on bass and vocals and Egert on guitars record "The Sentinel" for the Tribute To Judas Priest compilation (Guano Productions). The band is named Herald.

Spring/summer 2001 — A vocalist, Mart Kalvet, joins the band.

The first gig at a biker's St. John's Night party is cancelled. In August Herald gets to play live for the first time.

November 2001 — Herald win several trophies at Safari Rock band contest.

December 2001 — Taunts the guitarist joins the band.

May 2002 — Herald start to record a demo at MusicWorks studio.

October/November 2002 — Viki joins the band. First gig with the current line-up.

July 2003 — Herald release a demo CDR "Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast", and launch the webpage.

February 2005 — "Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast" is released in China by Area Death Productions in CD album format.

April 2006 — Bassist Viking leaves because of lack of time for the band and is replaced by Marvin "Elton" Saul.

June 30, 2006 — Herald release a promo CD-R-single "Hevilihas/Heavy Metal Rules".

April 2009 — Sven Varkel and Ott Oras join the band.
Band name: Herald
Location: Tallinn
Genre: heavy metal
Style: Speed/Heavy Metal
Founded: 2000
Sven Varkel - vocals Sven Varkel, Ignorabimus, Suckbrain, Human Ground
Egert Vandel - guitar Instigator of Grief
Tauno Nava - guitar Whispering Forest
Mart Veski - bass Instigator of Grief
Jaan Liinat - drums Carnifex, Kantor Voy
Previous members:
Ranno - drums (2000-2010) Whispering Forest
Ott 'Otipowitch' Oras - bass (2009-2010) Dawn Of Gehenna, Taak
Marvin - bass (2006-2008) Bloodrain
Mart Kalvet - vocals (2001-2007) Mortified, Dawn Of Gehenna, Whispering Forest, Ecthalion, Nitrous, Taak
Viktor Villand - bass (2003-2006) Tharaphita, Must Missa
Mart Veski - bass (2000-2002)
Gaia 2010

1. Kõrbesurm
2. Tuline teras | mp3
3. Ärkamine
4. Tormiratsanikud
5. Amanita
6. Kauged linnad
7. Veele, veele!
8. Gaia
9. Anna tulla! | mp3
10. Metaltron
11. Hevilihas
12. Teadmata tund

Hevilihas/Heavy Metal Rules 2006

1. Hevilihas | mp3
2. Tormiratsanikud
3. Kõrbesurm
4. Heavy Metal Rules
5. Quantum Typhoon
6. Simone In the Sands

Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast 2005

1. My Judgement Cometh
2. Hounds On My Trail
3. The Swarm, the Hive, the Empire
4. Battalion Berserk
5. Hell Brigade
6. Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast
7. Summon Us
8. God Found Dead In Space
9. Black Heart Blues
10. Dreamreaper

Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast 2003

1. My Judgement Cometh
2. The Swarm, the Hive, the Empire
3. Hell Brigade
4. Hounds On My Trail
5. Battalion Berserk
6. Heavy Metal Wakes the Beast | mp3

Other downloads:
  • Simone In the Sands [alternative mix 2007]
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