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Pirit was founded in 1995 by Mantas, one lazy bastard. In fact, it wasn`t much more than just a trilogy of epic songs, written as a result of some nice read, confusion and boredom. After playng and re-arranging these songs over and over hundreds of times, the whole thing got worse every day- the tunes and riffs lost their rhythmic and melodic logic, ending up in almost absurdities. So it was THE time to get some company. In 1996 the first rehearsal was held in Türi (a pretty small town famous for nothing). The song we rehearsed with Lembetu (bass) and Lauri (drums) was freshly written “Laanevana”, which pathetic lyrics were based on J. Jaik`s fairytale and it was supposed to sound (or to reflect the atmospheres of) really pagan or folky. But it did not, because the music itself suffered from dischords and way too psychedelic riffings. And yes, this suffering sounded great. Next year saw another (and this time the last one) rehearsal with another song, with another drummer Massacra.
After that there came a long dusky silence until the year 2000. Finally, after this three-years-sleep, I woke yawning and went to my friend`s apartment with some ideas in my head (let`s put it that way: I left all the modern cream behind I took the good old fashioned homy cake with me;). It resulted in recording of one new track. I did all strings and Gates was responsible for the drums. There were even the lyrics written for the song, but the instrumental punky Black Metal is what you get, when you work with lazy drunkards like Mantas and Gates. The fruit of this work was the track “Namenlos Engelhuren”, actually recorded for another compilation by Guano Products (or was it Stuka Records?). And as usual with this company, nothing ever happened. Yet, there`s a slight chance to hear the song on “Estnische Kriegskameraden” compilation (Beverina Productions).
At the time I was involved in rising Black Metal madness Manatark and notorious Loits, so it was natural for me to to lay Pirit to it`s final rest.
Band name: Pirit
Location: Türi
Genre: black metal
Style: Darkthronesque
Founded: 1996   RIP: 2000
M.Engele - guitars/bass C.C.C., Loits, Manatark, Sorts
Previous members:
Gates - programming (1999) The Grey Calamity, Thy Lord, Must Missa, Loits, Manatark, Sorts
Lembetu Mardus - bass (1996) Decease, Discrucior, Tharaphita, Loits
Lauri - drums (1996) C.C.C., Forfeit
Massacra - drums (1996) Discrucior, Loits, Suppuration
Estnische Kriegskameraden 2004

1. Namenlos engelhuren | mp3

E-mail: mengele (at)
Last change: 26-09-2004 changed band info

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