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Echosilence was formed in the beginning of the year 1996 on the ruins of the Estonian death-thrash metal group Decease. The main core brainpower behind the Decease’s music still remained together – Marek Kivi (guitars), Mart Karu (guitars) and Risto Mõtus (drums) had been playing together since 1993 and the teamplay and the co-composition of the songs worked fine but they were left without a bassplayer and a singer.

Since music of the late Decease had become more complex and totaly different than it was on the first years of the band the decision to change the band’s name from quite gloomy Decease to more abstract-sounding Echosilence seemed allright. The sound of the band had also lived through remarkable transformations. Because of the fact that Karu’s analog guitar gear was stolen and needed fast replacement the decision was to use digital signal processing that added more depth and colour to the band’s sound.

In the summer of 96 Echosilence recorded their first 4-track demo as a result of the new wave of ideas and also picked up Arian Levin, a talented violin-player to play fretless-bass making the bands sound more colourful, deeper and jazzier. The bands music evolved into more technical, experimental and complex to jazz-influenced progressive metal. On the 26th of December 1996 the debut concert of the band took place in Rakvere, Estonia. In the August of 1997 the Echosilence released a new 9-track demo “... and sorrow” that got pretty nice feedback from the progressive metal community around the world although the quality of the demo wasn’t the best. After the year full of the live performances and songwriting Echosilence recorded their first professional 4-track 30 minutes long instrumental high quality demo called “Eclectic Collaborations” that received even better reviews from the world. A song from that demo also appeared on the “Sun in my Hand” compilation released by Nebiula Productions (Malaysia) featuring other well-known progressive metal bands like Prototype and others.

In 2002 Arian Levin graduated from the Estonian Music Academy and had to pursue his professional career as a composer and unfortunately had no time for the experiments with the Echosilence. He was replaced by young talented fretless-master Kert Kirsimäe who who already performed with the Echosilence before on some live occasions while Arian Levin was studying abroad. A 5-track demo was recorded before the line-up change featuring both Arian and Kert on the fretless-bass.

In 2003 the band decided to expirement with vocals and Kadri, a girl with a beautiful voice joined the band. Right now the band is writing new songs and of course reahearsing them so they could perform live in spring or summer. The quest for finding a decent record company to release the bands new material is also in the progress.

The members of the band also appear on the several other Estonian projects ranging from jazz, expirimental and contemporary music to fast and brutal grindcore and other forms of metal.
Band name: Echosilence
Location: Tallinn
Genre: progressive metal
Style: Progressive metal with touches of jazz
Founded: 1996
Kadri - Vocals Instigator of Grief
Kiva - Guitars Decease
Karu - Guitars Shower, Decease
Kert - Fretless Bass Discrucior, Suppuration
Madox - Drums Decease, [o3], Tharaphita, Suppuration, Horricane
Previous members:
Possa - Fretless Bass (1996-2001)
Pata - Vocals (1996-1998)
Distorted Horizon 2005

1. Views on Views | mp3
2. Distorted Horizon
3. Information Intoxication | mp3
4. Human Animal

Eclectic Collaborations 1998

1. Spectotation | mp3
2. Science Hole | mp3
3. Negative Pocket | mp3
4. Straight Circle

...and Sorrow 1997

Tracks on compilations:
Sun In My Hand 2000

1. Science Hole

E-mail: echo (at)
Last change: 12-02-2007 added review (active from 12.2.2007.)
Band has 10 reviews.

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