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Abandoned Elysium
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Abandoned Elysium
Abandoned Elysium was founded in 2012 by friends Kevin Oper and Karl Mesipuu, both old bandmates from Lies Of A Dead Witness and other earlier projects. After some time of searching "the perfect artillery" and backbone, they found Sander Aasaväli, who was interested in becoming the drummer and was perfect match with his groovy, progressive skills.
In 2013 Arthur Thomson who was known for Decipher (LUX) joined AE and completed the first lineup.
Unfortunately in august, Arthur left due to studies abroad but was replaced by mate Tarvi Neemelaik, the guitarist of Baalsebub as bassist.

Band released their first self-recorded/self-mixed and mastered album on 1. May 2014. It consists of 13 tracks + 1 bonus track (The Journalist.), some song's are heavy, some softer. The main elements are from progressive metal music. At the same time it all is mixed with elements from technical death metal and deathcore giving it a much more heavy sound with some ground-breaking polyrhtmic breakdowns.

"If you are into pure guitar riffing and energetic live experience that is put out then you need to catch up with us."

By now, the band has shared stage with markable bands such as My Autumn, Khroma, Blinded Memory, Drawn Awake...

In early 2015, the band released a single called "My Saviour" with a music video.
Band name: Abandoned Elysium
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Genre: progressive metal
Style: Progressive/Technical/Death
Founded: 2012
Karl Mesipuu - Vocal
Kevin Oper - Guitar
Sander Aasaväli - Drums
Tarvi Neemelaik - Bass
Previous members:
Arthur Thomson - Bass (2012-2014)
My Saviour 2015

1. My Saviour | mp3

Abandoned Elysium 2014

1. The Rubik's Cube | mp3
2. Cage
3. Restless | mp3
4. Broken Ropes, Lost Endings
5. Choosing The Right Path (ft. Tanel Laidna)
6. Prophet
7. Odyssey
8. Blindness Revealing Sickness
9. Exodus
10. Dark Hallways, Open Skies
11. False Eden
12. Sleeping At The Gates Of Heavens Hell | mp3
13. The Journalist(bonus track)
14. Sympathy

Website: https:
E-mail: abandonedelysium (at)
Other contacts:
Facebook, e-mail.
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Band has 1 interview.

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