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Baalsebub was formed on the 3th of January 2013 by Markus Saar.
Later on that winter, Tarvi Neemelaik came along to transform the ideas of Markus into quitar riffs to go along with the blasting and slamming drums. Couple of months later Taavi Veidner joined the band to add to the lower end of sound and some extra distortion to overall outcome. Finally, finding a singer, Aleksei Sorokin, the band was complete and on the 31th of October 2013 they released their first EP called “The Great Plague” which received lots of positive feedback and was followed by series of gigs.
On spring 2014, Aleksei decided to leave the band due to lack of time.
New singer was though found quickly: Aivar Keermann took the responsibility of delivering the uttermost “hales of in and out”, which resulted in a single, “Procedure of Emasculation”, released on August 4th 2014. Right after that, they signed with UNGODLY RUINS PRODUCTION’s (Russia), and they’re preparing for some more medieval brutality to come out with.
Band name: Baalsebub
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Medieval Brutal Slam Death Metal
Founded: 2013
Markus Saar - Drums Nihilistikrypt
Tarvi Neemelaik - Guitar
Taavi Veidner - Bass Catafalc
Aivar Keermann - Vocals Mortophilia
Previous members:
Procedure of Emasculation 2014

1. Procedure of Emasculation | mp3

The Great Plague 2013

1. Death by Boiling | mp3
2. Disemboweled Child
3. The Crank Wheel | mp3
4. The Great Plague

E-mail: markussaar666 (at)
Last change: 05-10-2014 added new release

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