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Vanad Varjud
Vanad Varjud is musical project dwelling between different darker musical styles that best helps to create atmospheres and ideas we are fascinated by. At the moment there are two members in this project: me - Sorts Apostata and Thon. I guess You can call me the "main man".
The idea of creating VV started to form at around 2000. Back then I was involved in very different projects but always fascinated by mystical, dark, deep and calm atmosphere filled
with ideas of different philosophies behind/about human beings without bordering dogmas. (I guess I have always been one who takes the crooked path even if it is not the best choice.) Interest for such a channel to express, create and explore in me grew and Vanad Varjud as an idea was born.
So finally in 2009 circumstances seemed to be right and the VV idea started to become flesh.
It took about two years to complete the first recordings and few more years to get them released. I hope the next release will be out sooner. We will see.....
Band name: Vanad Varjud
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: dark ambient/drone/funeral/depressive/black metal
Founded: 2000
Sorts Apostata - atmosphere Ignorabimus, Jogane Munno, Nihilistikrypt, Mass In Comatose
Thon - void Manatark, Realm of Carnivora, Sorts, Bestia, Tarm, Hord, Urt, Gas, Sõjaruun, Mass In Comatose, ÜrgSiuG
Demonica - voices
Previous members:
Apooriad 2014

1. Tumm Rongkäik
2. Absurdiinimene | mp3

Website: https:
E-mail: vanadvarjud (at)
Last change: 02-04-2016 edited lineup

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