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X-Panda is a progressive metal and fusion band from Estonia. The band is known for their concerts full of emotion and power - pure pleasure for people who like to dream, imagine and feel. The music of X-Panda will move both experienced musicians and just music lovers. Their creations are full of surprises and changes of mood, sounds, complex rhythmical characters, rhythmic illusions, jazz-fusion chord progressions, mean and evil guitar riffs and in all this one can also find heroic film music melodies that you can sing along to.
X-Panda tries to expand their musical horizon and knowledge by creating technically and musically more entertaining music for themselves in the first place.

The band was founded as a one time project for an original song competition in april 2009. They ended up winning the competition with a song "Dickybirds". The feedback for such unusual music approach was extremely positive, so they decided to continue as a band. X-Panda has won several competitions, including the title Noortebänd 2010, which is one of the two biggest band competitions held in Estonia.

X-Panda released their debutalbum ´´Flight of Fancy´´ in september 2011

Kaarel Tamra about X-Panda:
"I think that it is unusual that four people can share the same musical interests.
It is so cool that sometimes when beginning to describe a particular riff or pattern, they already know what to do without me even saying it. I find that really rare and special. We have a really good chemistry and we are all such good friends. The band is like a summer holiday -everybody is anxiously waiting for the rehearsals and concerts. They´re just so much fun, because we can do exactly what we want!"
Band name: X-Panda
Location: Estonia
Genre: progressive metal
Style: progressive
Founded: 2009
Kaarel Tamra - keyboards
Risto Virkhausen - guitars
Tamar Nugis - bass and vocals
Karl-Juhan Laanesaar - drums
Previous members:
Flight of Fancy 2011

1. Intro (0:49)
2. Black (11:00)
3. Dickybirds (7:01)
4. Flight of Fancy (7.04) | mp3
5. Siren (4:22)
6. Journey of a Dream (11:06)
7. Keyboard Solo (3:20)
8. Rhythm Department (5:58)
9. Calm Waters (4:17)
10. Crystal Gazing (8:16)
11. Revelation (6:24) | mp3

  • Dickybirds (live)
  • X-Panda Live @ Vanemuine Concert Hall, Tartu
  • Revelation
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