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Project Massacre
it all began in 2004. anton and ints were looking for a drummer
and a guitar player to form a new band. after some searching, kaido and
priit agreed to join the forces. as did aimar and the project was all set up.
rehearsing and composing took a hell of a time. some minor appearances at
local clubs gave the neede push to take it even further. what once was hard seemed
primitive and had to be taken to the next level - to the studio. the 3 song
ep was the bands second session in the studio, following the demo recording of backfire.
soon after that it became clear that kaido must head to finland permanently.
in 2008 the band decided to record an album which will be released very soon.
after the recording kaido left and so did priit to move on with his own musical ideas.
soon after that a new drummer was wound - argo. aimar filled the gap by switching to guitar.
a new vocalist habe joined as well and the band was complete again.
at the moment the album is about to be released and new material is being put together.
stay tuned.
Band name: Project Massacre
Location: Tartu
Genre: death metal
Style: urban metal
Founded: 2004   RIP: 2012
Timur - vocals
Aimar - guitar/vocals
Anton - guitar Nyrok City
Indrek - bass
Argo - drums Must Missa, Realm of Carnivora, Spellbinder, Hord, Urt, Worse Than Failure
Previous members:
Kaido - drums (2004-2008) Ugly Ogre
Priit - guitar (2004-2008)
Backfire 2009

1. Distress | mp3
2. Vampires
3. Get Ready 4 HC
4. Backfire
5. Fair Enough | mp3
6. Revise
7. War
8. Gimme Some Pills

  • Vampires
  • Purgatory
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