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Anal Caves
We first started jamming with only the guitarrist and the drummer in the beginning of summer 2008. At first all we knew was that we wanted to do something that isn't been done before so we just jammed for several months, eventually we claimed ourselves to be a Grincore band with influences from all sickass bands. After a while Mr. Grind joined the band as a vocalist. By that time we had some growls and squeals. Then the bassist, Otto, joined with our line-up, right 2 rehaersals before our first live concert. After our first live performance we had an idea out of nowhere that Olle could also do growls and other noises, so we decided that Olle and Mr.Grind could growl together to make it sound more variable. In July 2009 we recorded our first demos. To show the world that we exist. Right now we have a good analful of songs and allways writing new material.
In October 2010 we released our first album ''Cave Explorer''
Band name: Anal Caves
Location: Pärnu
Genre: death metal
Style: Grindcore
Founded: 2008
Erkki - drums Catafalc, Tarm, Third Descent
Olle - guitar/squeals/growls
Mr.Grind - growls/squeals
Hott - bass
Previous members:
Cave Explorer 2010

1. Cave Explorer | mp3
2. Fistfuck Butchery
3. Saturday Night Cockdance Fever
4. Suffocate Through The Orgasm
5. Kolm Banaani Ühte Anaali
6. Assfuck Is The Best Sport
7. Sit On A Cock
8. Creampie
9. Retard
10. Broken Anal
11. Feticide
12. Caveman
13. Scisofrenical Birth
14. Master Of Anals
15. Faggot In Maggot
16. Wet Vaginal Rodeo | mp3
17. Perverted Gorefuck | mp3
18. Brain Surgery
19. Strap-On Fetus

  • Live Show In Tapper on 4'th Of June
  • Other downloads:
  • Broken Anal
  • Fistfuck Butchery
  • Värd
  • Website:
    E-mail: torbikupoiss (at)
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