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Püha Kõblas
Püha Kõblas (Holy Mattock) was founded in 2005 by Holy Joseph´s Spirit Worshipersparish members to make Holy Joseph´s wisdom and power recievable to wider crowds.
Creation speaks about faith and religion, cautions for religious piety and encourages heroic deeds, warning against heretical deeds and the consequences thoughts have.
Listening/watching of bands performation and taking part of Holy Drunkardment is experience that changes life for ever, helping You to understand holy truths and lies and giving You guidance/guidline for your life to come, Holy Men show self-denying fanaticism - of course home studies are also recommended and they should include reading of the additional texts from Gods itself´s homepage

Let Holy Joseph be with us!
Band name: Püha Kõblas
Location: Tartu
Genre: alternative/other
Style: Holy Metal
Founded: 2005
Püha Isa Tuts - bass quitar Ugly Ogre
Türgi Mahvia - vocal
Merle - keyboard/saxophone
Rando - guitar
Wäle Põder - drums
Previous members:
Toivo Rebane - drums (2005-2008)
Andrus - quitar (2007-2008)
Jana - female vocal (2007-2008)
Ott - vocal (2005-2007)
Wäle Põder - quitar (2005-2007)
Rannukas - vocal (2005-2006)
Pisi Vibu - vocal (2005-2006)
Praksa - vocal (2005-2006)
Athos - vocal (2005-2006)
Jamez - vocal (2005)
Viha Uskmatute Vastu (Argh Antagonise Miscreant) 2007

1. Viha Uskmatute Vastu | mp3

Other downloads:
  • Viha Uskmatute Vastu (Remixed & remastered 2009)
  • Halbollah (Alternative Mix 2009)
  • Website:
    E-mail: tyrgimahvia (at)
    Other contacts:
    Türgi Mahvia 5581340
    Last change: 10-07-2008 added band info

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