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1990 location Pärnu near 11 000 year old no name village

1991 Tauk dropped out out from local theatre

1992 Nothing to do

1993 Bloody birth of Whaw!Zaiks

1993 Trouble called "jälkrõvedus"

1994 Time to think once more

1995 Live in Sindi Kultuurimaja

1996 Kivisildnik dropped out from local writers building

1997 Local TV never deal with W!Z and Kivisildnik again

1998 single Whaw!Zaiks have no success

1999 Live in Rummu jail

2000 Nothing to do

2001 Release of cd ESTONIAN REPUBLIC low violence demo
Band name: Whaw!Zaiks
Location: Pärnu
Genre: industrial metal
Style: Industrial metal
Founded: 1993
Tauk - Guitar, Programing, Producing Cenotaph, Tharaphita, Goresoerd
Kivisildnik - Vocals
Utsa - Bass
Inz - Drums Terroristic Professy, Assamalla, Sex Machine
Pertti - Vocals
Previous members:
Martin - Vocal (1997-2003) Sex Machine
Kaupo - Vocal (1995-1996) Cenotaph, Terroristic Professy
Aike - Drums (1995-1996) Cenotaph
Bad Girls Go To Hell 2003

1. Bad Girls Go To Hell | mp3

Low Violence Demo Estonian Republic 2000

1. Intro: A Tale of Black Sabbath
2. I'm Your Client
3. Warcraft 2 | mp3
4. More Than Human
5. My Name is George
6. My President | mp3
7. 2 U Love Flowers
8. Tõde
9. Mosquito
10. Loomade Peal Katsetatud Inimene

Whaw!Zaiks 2000

1. Whaw!Zaiks

Do you love flowers? REMIX TRAXX 1998

1. Do you love flowers?

Mosquito 1998

1. Mosquito

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