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Hukkunud Hinged
Hukkunud Hinged (Perished Souls) was formed in May 2007 on the ashes of Tige Vile (Angry Whistle) which played thrash/punk metal. Two members - Martin and Madis held in their hearts burning urge for doom/slow and hard metal. Good spirits sent them young and promising drummer Anton. Rotten microphone was given to a close friend Janek. At first they had only two songs: "Kahe Katku Vahel" (Between Two Plagues)and Surmasuudlus (Kiss of Death) which weres previously written by Martin for Tige Vile but were obviously too slow for that band. So everybody was waiting from Martin some new songs. While writing, the band rehearsed these two songs and grew together. By the end of 2007 Hukkunud Hinged had already 4 new long and more doomish songs. 2008 started with recording 3 songs as demo songs. 2008 spring went on rehearsals, building own rehearsal room and evolving its own sound and songs. In 05.06.2008 Hukkunud Hinged performed their first live in Raekoja Plats, Tallinn, during old city days as a warm up band for Süütu Vanaema. The strongest side of Hukkunud HInged are slow and easy riffs combined with long and poetic lyrics (often wrote as poems), sung in estonian language.
In November 2008 Katrina has joined the band as a co-singer and the band has taken a big step forward, offering more melodic sadness.
In 2009 Anton parted to military service and was changed by Ville. In Dec 2009 the band entered MKDK studios in Tallinn and started to record their first album, helped by Heikki Tikas and Kaur Faltis. The album was released in April 2010. Starting from March 2010 Margo Pajuste (Steel Scream, Cantilena) has joined the group of doom. Currently HH is working at the MKDK studios to release 2 new radio singles
Band name: Hukkunud Hinged
Location: Tallinn
Genre: doom metal
Style: doom metal
Founded: 2007
Ville - drums Flytrap
Martin - guitar
Janek - voice
Margo - bass
Kati - voice
Previous members:
Madis - bass (2007-2010)
Kent - bass (2010)
Anton - drums (2007-2009)
Hukkunud Hinged 2010

1. Loojangu Laul | mp3
2. Surmasuudlus
3. Ootuste Kõrb
4. Mulla Äng
5. Juurte Nukrus
6. Kahe Katku Vahel
7. Tulesorg | mp3
8. Unetus

Tracks on compilations:
Drowning Earth compilation No. 33 2010

1. Kahe Katku Vahel | mp3

Doom in Native Language 2008

1. Hukkunud Hinged - Loojangu Laul | mp3
2. Hukkunud Hinged - Juurte Nukrus | mp3
3. Wainas - I
4. Wainas - II
5. Wainas - III
6. S.O.M. - Istocni Wapai
7. S.O.M. - Zlo I Naopako
8. S.O.M. - OS

E-mail: hukkunudhinged (at)
Other contacts:
+37253 436 856
Last change: 07-06-2010 added new release
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