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Ceremonial Perfection
CEREMONIAL PERFECTION - is a melodic death metal band from Tallinn, formed in december of 2007. It's hard to find anybody, who would not be thrilled about the band's evolution. The guys' average age is 18, though in about two years of existence they have played almost everywhere in their homeland, Estonia, travelled twice in foreign countries (including their successful two-and-a-half-week tour in Russia) and played on one stage with one of the most famous Finnish band NORTHER. The guys' interviews were published in many different magazines and their songs are played rapidly on Estonian radio. CP's music combines melodic base mixed with heavy riffs and atmospheric keys so the melodic essence of their songs is easily embraced not only by metalheads, but even by people who have absolutely nothing in common with any metal music. The subject of their songs is the dark side of our daily life. CP's concerts stand out from the rest through powerful energy vibes, great shows and excellent performance.

In spring 2010 the band finally decided to record their first full-length album, which was called "ALONE IN THE END". The creation of their album happened at the studio SINUSOID (, exactly where the most-selling and the best sound quality records in Estonia are written. The recording process was under control of KRISTO KOTKAS - a well-known sound director is scandinavian countries, who also attended at the arrangement of the recorded songs. The guitar solo in the song "AUTUMN OF MEMORIES" was written by TARVO VALM, the lead guitar of the famous Estonian bands THE SUN and HUMAN GROUND and the keys were made by DMITRY I, the frontman of bands FREAKANGEL and SUICIDAL ROMANCE. All the artwork of the 8-letter booklet was made by one of the best graphic masters in Europe - BJÖRN GOSSES of KILLUSTRATIONS studio, who is well-known by the works for the famous bands like AMON AMARTH, KATAKLYSM, SIX FEET UNDER, DEW-SCENTED, NORTHER, ABORTED, THE VERY END, LENG T'CHE.
Band name: Ceremonial Perfection
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Founded: 2007
Kirill - Lead Guitar
Romcha - Drums
Vitaly - Vocals
Ilja - Bass
Sonic - Guitar
Previous members:
Dima - Keyboard (2009)
Evgeny - Bass (2007-2009)
Alexander - Rhythm-Guitar (2007-2008)
Vitaly ( Eiforia ) - Rhythm-Guitar (Sessional) (2008)
Alone in the end 2011

1. Intro
2. Symbols and Processes | mp3
3. Blinding White
4. Havoc
5. Autumn Of Memories
6. Through Your Devil Nature
7. My Labirynth
8. Asymmetry
9. Tomorrow of Today

Imagination's Chaos 2008

1. Dystopia | mp3
2. Fall From Reality
3. Whisper
4. Cold | mp3

Tracks on compilations:

1. Symbols And Processes | mp3

RockOracle 2010 #5 2010

1. Symbols And Processes | mp3

Other downloads:
  • Symbols and Processes
  • Website:
    E-mail: romcha (at)
    Other contacts:
    +372 55666445

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