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Unholy Fables
Unholy fables is live metal band, founder of musical genre "Sarcastic metal". It is a gathering of different types of characters, actors, who are not only playing music, but also making real, scandalous performance with a lots of tragedy and sarcazm. Some part of their performance is improvisation. they allways wish to amaze the public.
In 2011 Unholy Fables have finished and relesed their first album called “Stone”. It is unique and versatile artwork. "Stone" is used as a symbol of ancient truth and created beauty which can be hardly erased by the time. Exterior design of album is inspired by Arabic patterns.
Album consists of 12 compositions that characterize the different cycles of year. There are mercilessly harsh as well as brighter and warmer tones. Repertoire is coloured with melancholy, humor and northern darkness.
Album was recordet during 2009 - 2010 at Unholy Fables studio. And now you can buy it at:
Band name: Unholy Fables
Location: Tartu
Genre: death metal
Style: True Indie Sarcastic Black Metal
Founded: 2006
Artjom - Vocs/guitar
Anton - Guitar
Artur - Drums
Roman - Bass
Zeljonka - Keyboards
Aleksandr - Keyboards
Previous members:
Stone 2011

1. 46th of January | mp3
2. Magic February
3. Clownish
4. Sad Song of April
5. It's Raining
6. Blurred
7. Dying in the Desert
8. Ardor of August
9. Morass
10. Fly with the Crows
11. Whispering November
12. In the Dense Winter Forest

E-mail: info (at)
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