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MintTaara was founded in april 2006 by Martin (guitar), Priit (bass), Marko (vocals) and Robert (drums). Due to lack of skills the progress in the beginning was slow and our music sounded very punkish. Still we didn't give up and in the end of august the same year Tõnis joined on second guitar. That made our music much more powerful and was a step closer to our wish to play enjoyable pagan black/thrash metal. Also some gigs were held but we weren't yet good enough to make the crowd to tear down the place. In the end of the year we parted ways with Marko due to differences in musical interests etc. Priit took over vocals.
Year 2007 started with surprisingly many gigs which were already much more successful. Mostly the year was full of pure rehearsing. Then a wish to make a demo recording came to our minds. Still due to lack of knowledge and opportunities it didn't happen.
At the beginning of 2008 we had our most powerful live at OG Musapäevad, damn it was a great experience. First more or less quality sounds were recorded in may 2008. There was a demo CD in plan but we thought that we can do better than that. Unfortunately in august Robert left the band. We were forced to rehearse with drums composed on computer. In december we recorded four new songs lot different from previous creation.
A demo called "Hämaral rajal" was finished in august 2009.
In the summer Herr Vahter returned to the front! Also a synthplayer joined us in the beginning of 2010.
Band name: MintTaara
Location: Muhu
Genre: black metal
Style: pagan black/thrash metal
Founded: 2006
Priit ''Uteke'' Saaremäel - vocals, bass
Martin ''Kuramus'' Kolk - guitar, programming Tharaphita
Tõnis ''Lehto'' Lehto - guitar
Robert "Steinbock" Vahter - drums
Helina - synth
Previous members:
Marko ''Sajatus'' Mereäär - vocals (R.I.P) (2006)
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  • Website:
    E-mail: tonis.lehto (at)
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    Last change: 15-06-2010 edited lineup

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