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Head Not Found
Another nameless band was founded in 2005 when Kostyl', Burzum and Necrovlad decided to start a death metal project. Necrovlad already had ideas to hook up death metal form with traditionally more black metal topics like modern warfare, (neo)paganism and stuff.
In autumn 2005 first rehearsals took place and first songs began to develop. In 2006 Thrasher joins as drummer, but soon Kostyl' after important contributions to project decides to leave us which considerably slowed down further development of a band. During the end of 2007 HEAD NOT FOUND anyway managed to record a 3 song demo (unfortunately with computer programmed drum tracks) which was finally (self)released in beginning of 2008. After release the future seemed clear promising and the band moved further writing and rehearsing new material. However HEAD NOT FOUND quietly ceased to exist in 2010.
Band name: Head Not Found
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: black/death metal
Founded: 2005   RIP: 2010
Necrovlad - guitars, bass, vocals Grom, Ecthalion, Bestia
Aleksandr - guitars
Previous members:
Ilja - drums (2009)
Thrasher - drums (2006-2008)
Kostyl' - guitars (2005-2006)
demo 2008

1. As Wind Howls Over Burial Grounds
2. The Cursed And The Slain
3. Evil Tankist

E-mail: evil.tankist (at)
Last change: 16-10-2012 edited biography

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