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DISCRUCIOR is a metal band from Estonia. Their music is a mix of death, heavy and doom metal, with the wide variety of vocals- from clear singing to poignant blackmetal-screams and extremely low grunts.

The history of DISCRUCIOR began in Oct.'92 when singer Ank, guitarist Alo and drummer Madox (from DECEASE) created a project called SHEOL, playing doom metal. They made a few rehearsals and recorded a reh-demo with two songs. The real born of the band was in Jan. '93, when Ank, Alo, Massacra (guitar) and Ax (drums) started to play together. After trying with several bassists a guy called Ahto joined them in autumn '94.

The band had a break from autumn '95 to autumn '96 due to Alo's military commitment. The other bandmembers created a pagan metal band THARAPHITA, that is quite well known for now.

After Alo was arrived from army, guys started to rehearse hard, their music turned extremely slow and dark. Ahto and Ax left the band due to musical differences soon. Ahto is engaged with his own pagan metal band LOITS now.

From the ending of the '98 their lineup was as follows - Ank (vocals, guitar), Alo (guitar), Massacra (drums) and a new bandmember Kert on bass. The music turned to somewhat like old-school heavy metal. After some months rehearsing and playing gigs the band fell to a lethargy again and is so till now.
Band name: Discrucior
Location: Rakvere
Genre: doom metal
Style: Doom Death Metal
Founded: 1993   RIP: 2000
Alo - Guitar
Ank - Vocal, Guitar C.C.C., Forfeit, Dawn Of Gehenna, Tharaphita, Must Missa, Meinardus, Sorts, Suppuration
Massacra - Drums Loits, Pirit, Suppuration
Kert - Bass Echosilence, Suppuration
Previous members:
Ahto - Bass (1994-1997) Decease, Tharaphita, Loits, Pirit
Ax - Drums (1993-1997)
Stig - Bass (1994) Forfeit, Scavenger, Symbolic State, Goresoerd
Kaido Kaidis - Guitar (1994) C.C.C., Forfeit
Mundus Subterraneus 1994

1. When the Day'll Come
2. Mundus Subterraneus
3. Doom
4. Isn't for Me
5. 13 Candles (Bonus Track)

Tracks on compilations:
Sometimes Death Is Better. Part 2-4 1996

1. Pilgrimage | mp3

  • Wessenberg Rock '95
  • E-mail: discrucior (at)
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